Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Stupid Electorate

That’s the only thing I can call it. They could be forgiven for electing that FOOL to the White House the first time, even though they knew NOTHING about him. But they’ve had FOUR YEARS to find out he is a dedicated SOCIALIST who wants nothing more than make this into a socialist country and “finishing what he started” (as he promised) will do that. But RE-electing him is sheer STUPIDITY!

WHAT “RECOVERY?” The liberal media is whining about “a return to the recession.” WHAT “return?” We never left it! Every day Obama has been running things he has done SOMETHING to make it worse while telling us it’s “getting better.” And he’ll KEEP lying to us as long as he’s “in power.”

MORE AND MORE LIES: For the next four years expect to hear lies piled on lies from the White House, such as Obama saying, “I’m looking forward to working with the Republicans” (I've heard that song before) or Harry Reid saying, “Compromise is not a dirty word,” when to compromise with the socialist Democrats IS a “dirty word. I still think either Obama STOLE the election or almost 50% of Americans are STUPID. It has to be one or the other—or BOTH.

“YOU GOT THE GOVT YOU DESERVE”: That’s what Sean Hannity says. And he’s right. If Americans can’t see what they got when they first elected Obama—and STILL re-elected him, they DID “get the government they deserved.” But why must they drag intelligent people along with them in their STUPID quest?

REPUBLICANS “EXAMINING THEMSELVES”: To see where they went wrong. I can tell them where they went wrong; they failed to consider the number of people in this country voting who wanted a “free ride.” People who want to live at the expense of others. What they don’t consider is they’re setting up an “Atlas Shrugged”  situation when the achievers in our society will get tired of being LOOTED  and will stop earning in such a way as to allow themselves to be looted. Then it will “all go away” as it did in Russia.

GOP WANTS TO KNOW WHAT THEY DID WRONG: They told the TRUTH to voters who didn’t want to HEAR it. They talked about working and EARNING their way when the majority of voters wanted a “free ride,” and that’s what Obama was promising. They’re now talking about “moving to the center.” But all they need to do is be more convincing with their message. Not the message the LIBERALS want them to spout. We don’t want them to become liberals.

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