Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When We "Chickened Out"

Osama bin Laden, many years ago, told a newsman that “When the U. S. ‘chickened out’ after Islamic terrorists killed an American soldier in Mogadushu and dragged his dead body through the streets, I knew America was a ‘paper tiger’ and would be easy to whip.” I got news for him (or his replacement, as long as HE lives), that was under a DEMOCRAT administration. That’s about to change, so “watch out.” We’re coming for you and we WILL kill you as we have many of your other leaders. Well, maybe not. Obama is still in charge and he hasn't shown me much..

IS OBAMA “ABOVE IT ALL?” Some liberals think so. They think he’s BORED with being the boss in only one country. They think he needs to be running the world. That he needs SOMEHTING to actually TAX him to do. That running America is “too easy.” What a bunch of FOOLS they are to think this! Obama isn’t even smart enough to run ONE COUNTRY. He has proven that by his blunders. He needs to be REPLACED by someone with some real intelligence.

ROMNEY GETS FLAK FOR BEING RIGHT: The Obama forces are giving Romney a “hard time” for being against murdering your own babies in the womb, rather that use a rubber or other forms of birth control. Abortion is MURDER. Pure and simple. I don’t care WHAT people say about it being in support of a woman’s right to choose. It’s about the right of that BABY to be ALIVE. But since the babies being murdered cannot say anything in their own defense it’s left to those who are either for or against infanticide to say whether or not it’s right to murder babies.

WHAT ABOUT PROSTITUTION? If abortion is all about “woman’s right to choose” what happens to her own body, why then, are there laws against prostitution? Isn’t THAT about a “woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body?” The difference between what IS and what people think ought to be takes my breath away. Liberals ignore this question because they can’t resolve the dichotomy without destroying their argument.

FINISH WHAT HE STARTED: That’s what Obama answers when asked what he will do in a second term. That’s a generality, but really means he means to steal trillions of dollars more and move us even closer (maybe all the way) to a socialist system that will ultimately fail (as all socialist systems eventually do because they’re based on STEALING that earned by the productive and GIVING it, unearned, to the NON-productive).

GOVERNMENT BUYS “VOLTS”: To make sure GM achieves its sales goals for the Chevy Volt (which was not selling and whose plant they closed, due to no interest in the car), the government embarked on a massive purchase of this useless car so GM could say they “made their sales goals” on the Volt.

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