Sunday, November 25, 2012

Never ANY Specifics

Whenever Obama says something he “speaks in generalities, not specifics.” Like his original motto: “Change.” WHAT change? Change from the free market to socialism? His current motto is “Forward.” Forward to WHAT? To communism? He was BORN a communist, raised by a communist FAMILY and MENTORED by communists and socialists all his life. He has DEMONSTRATED his HATRED of private enterprise and wants to replace it with—what? Collectivism of some kind (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism)? He doesn’t DARE tell us his REAL plans because he knows the American people will reject them.

IT IS OKAY!  Democrat Party Chair Debbie (Liar) Schultz yells at Piers Morgan, “It is NOT okay to say that the White House lied to the public!” I got news for ya, Debbie; it IS okay to say it if it is the truth, and it IS the truth. You, and every other White House spokesman lately, including Obama, have been lying through your teeth whenever you open your mouths. And it IS okay to bring people’s attention to that! Go lie to someone else, Debbie.

THE MOST INTOLERANT: Muslim extremists make a lot of hay whenever people block their plans to kill us for not believing the same way THEY do. They call us "religiously intolerant" whenever we criticize anything they do. They even created a "phony word" to describe it: "Islamaphobe." But in reality, THEY are the most intolerant of other religions as anybody. Where they make the laws, no churches of other religions are PERMITTED; to convert from Islam to ANY other religion is a DEATH SENTENCE. Bibles (or similar books from A NY other religion) are not permitted. They are not entitled to accuse us of "religious intolerance."

Vice President Joe Biden (BiteMe) says “The White House had no intelligence about the Benghazi raid.” If he had stopped at the word “intelligence” he would have been right.

OBAMA CAN’T RUN ON HIS RECORD: He has the most miserable record a president ever had in this country. So all he has is “Romney is bad. Don’t vote for him.” That’s ALL he has, and he can’t give you any specifics on HOW Romney is bad except to call attention to his (Romney’s) preference for free enterprise over socialism. He doesn’t even realize that’s not the way to the “American heart.” But he won, anyway. There were enough ignorant voters who just wanted a "free ride" left to help him win.

THEY MUST HAVE BOUGHT HER”: Hillary has ACCEPTED BLAME for the LACK of security in Benghazi. Obama must have PROMISED to support her candidacy for president in 2016. Neither realize that her accepting blame for the four deaths in Benghazi DOOMS her chances to EVER be president if voters have their way.

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