Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Promises to Keep"

Obama is good at making promises. He will make any promise his speech writers put on his teleprompter. But he’s not very good on keeping them—unless they involve raising taxes and spending more and more of YOUR money. If anybody can show me a SINGLE promise he has kept that is not bad for this country, tell me about it.

NOT MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: PLEASE not him! Some people have talked about the New York City mayor running for president. My God, not HIM! He’ll do what he has done in NYC and create a NATIONWIDE “nanny state.” He will BAN everything he can think of that he doesn’t like. Liberals don’t like something, they want to BAN it. Conservatives don’t like something, they don’t do it. they don’t try to stop other people from doing it. Bloomberg IS a liberal, even if he is a Republican. He has proved it by his actions.

BECAUSE HE’S A MORMON: Many people say Romney can’t possibly win because he’s a Mormon. The same people said Jack Kennedy could never win because he was a CATHOLIC! They were wrong then and they’re wrong now. What kind of FOOLS are these? Bigoted people, that’s whom. They used to say a black man could never be elected president, and they were wrong then, too.

“SECRETARY OF BUSINESS”: What the hell is Obama THINKING to even SUGGEST a “secretary of business?” We don’t NEED “direction” to know how to do business in the free market, ans we don't need another bureaucracy. But we might if Obama succeeds in turning this country into a SOCIALIST country and that’s what he plans for us, whether we want it or not. Americans who can’t See Obama’s socialist plans for us are FOOLS, and are beyond help.

RACIST VOTERS: Blacks who vote for Obama ONLY because he’s black are themselves RACIST. But of course, they’ll deny it. If I DIDN’T vote for Obama because he’s black, I would be a racist. It works both ways. But I have many other better reasons for not voting for this fool.

REV. LOWERY IS RIGHT: He says “America is going to hell in a handbasket,” and he’s right. But not for the reasons he THINKS. It’s going there because it’s being LED there by Barack Obama. He’ll deny it, but it’s true. Just as Rev. Wright said, “God DAMN America,” it looks like He is “damning America.” And if Obama remains at the helm, it will be true.

LOWERY IS “FRIGHTENED”: Rev. Lowery says, “I’m frightened by the amount of hatred and bitterness that is coming out in this election.” Than why does he “fan the flames?” He and Rev. Wright go out of their way to do so, and THAT frightens me. And I’m not afraid of ANYTHING.

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