Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"I'll Do It If I Wanta!"

Obama says, “If I want to nominate Susan Rice (the liar on Beghazi) to be Secretary of State, I’ll do it. I don’t care what the Republicans say. So what ELSE is new? He does what he wants in ALL things, and to hell with his critics. That’s what DICTATORS do. She “did his bidding” and now he’s giving her the reward he promised.

OBAMA’S INCOMPETENCE: Our biggest problem today is the INCOMPETENCE of our “leaders.” It is INCOMPETENCE to believe in collectivism, and he is a firm believer. No leader lately but Reagan had a lick of economic sense and HE created the biggest, longest lasting boom ever—until the liberal Democrats fiddled with it to get Democrats elected and messed it up. Now it has gone too far and they have no idea how to fix it so they blame it on the Republicans. But they can’t explain how it IS their fault without lying.

HIGHER TAXES WON’T FIX IT: Obama and his “band of thieves” think all they have to do is raise taxes and that can fix the economic disaster THEY created to get elected. But HISTORY shows that raising taxes LOWERS the “tax take.” LOWERING taxes creates INCENTIVE to produce and THAT causes an INCREASE in the “tax take.” What’s so hard about that, that makes it impossible for them to see? Or are they just STUPID?

JUST KEEP BUSH’S TAX RATES, STUPID! Obama and his crowd is “scrambling” to figure out how to “fix” the economic disaster they CAUSED to get elected. The answer is simple: KEEP Bush’s tax rate cut, intact. Then there will BE no “cliff.” But they aren’t listening. They think they “know it all” and aren’t interested in your answers.

WHY JUST READ TALKING POINTS? UN ambassador Susan rice says she just “read the talking points she was given.” Why? Who gave them to her? Who TOLD her to just read them, truth or lie? This reveals a much bigger problem in government today. “Top officials” just “reading talking points” presumably put out by the president instead of thinking for themselves.

“PANIC MODE”: Why does the government always wait until the last minute to try and “solve” a crisis? Answer: so it will be a “crisis” and they can offer a “crisis solution” that allows them to raise taxes more than usual and claim to have “solved the crisis,” usually one that they created so they’d HAVE a “crisis” to solve.

THERE WON’T BE ANY RICH: If Obama keeps on “taxing the rich” to pay for his “flights of fancy,” usually called, “giveaway programs,” soon there won’t BE any “rich left to tax. They’ll either be HIDING their earnings so they can’t be LOOTED for the benefit of the “drones” of society or they’ll simply stop making money that can be taxed. That’s when the government will start taxing the “hoards of money” held by the “rich.” They still don't think "the rich" should have the RIGHT to "own" their riches, even though they EARNED them.

THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS: Doctors are now REQUIRED (under Obama’s health care swindle law) to ask ALL patients if they have guns in their houses and if they keep them loaded. Nothing is said about the patients being REQUIRED to answer truthfully. Nor do they talk about forcing the doctors to inform the government of their answers or lack thereof. My recommended answer is, “nonayadamnedbusiness!” That will be MY answer, and I will not be budged, no matter what threats they use.

STRICTER GAS *& OIL REGS: They will only make the recession WORSE. But Obama and his “band of thieves” refuse to acknowledge that. They will move their agenda forward in spite of hell and damnation. They still CLAIM the recession is OVER. What FOOLS they are to think we’re stupid enough to believe that. Damn we’ve elected a bunch of IMBECILES to “lead us!”

THEY WANT “FREEBIES”: That’s what a majority of Americans seem to be these days. MOOCHERS who will elect ANYBODY to keep the “freebies” coming. They don’t seem to care that the fools they elect will lead us down the path to destruction. As long as it doesn’t happen in their lifetime, they don’t care. Boy, are THEY in for a surprise when it happens to THEM.

N. KOREA APPROACHING SUICIDE: N. Korea is testing a long-range missile capable of reaching the United states mainland. They have nothing else. If they launch ONE missile in our direction, they will cease to exist not long after. Their country will be a smoking pile of crap. But their new “leader” is, like his father, too STUPID to realize that. He thinks he and his country are stronger than ANYBODY and will only know the truth as they DIE.

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