Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Refuses to Call It A War

He says Islamic terrorism is “on the run” after “he” killed Osama. That’s a complete LIE, and people who don’t IGNORE POLITICS know it. But are there enough of us left to defeat him? Obviously not. All I know is, those who voted FOR Obama will deserve what they get. The only problem is, we’ll get it, too.

THE WAR GOES ON: Even if Obama is stupid enough to declare it over. Islamic terrorists are still murdering innocent people who don’t believe the same way they do. He refuses to call the Ft. Hood shooting Islamic terrorism, even though the killer was shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as he killed American soldiers who were disarmed on base by order of the government. The latest victims are the ambassador in Libya and three of our ambassadorial employees. This war is NOT OVER! Anybody who thinks it is, is STUPID!

LIKE WRESTLING: Everybody with any intelligence knows television wrestling is phony. They put on a good show, but they overact. Just like the politicians who want us to keep them in power by overacting on the national stage. One of the best recent examples is Joe Biden’s laughing and mugging in his one debate with the intelligent Republican candidate, Paul Ryan.

VOTER SUPPRESSION: In Florida, voters in at least 18 counties received letters purporting to be from the “registrar of voters,” telling them they did not qualify to vote. But the letters in all cases were postmarked Seattle, Washington. WTF? Notice all the voters who received these phony letters were Republicans. This is a typical way Democrats steal elections.

“LIAR IN CHIEF”: I get physically ill every time I hear Obama speak because I know he’s LYING. He lies every time he pens his mouth and he doesn’t care if we know he’s lying. He’ll look you right in the eye and lie, and DEFY you to call attention to it. That’s because he knows the liberal media won’t, even if you do.

The price of gold is an excellent gauge of the economy. The higher the price of gold, the more the economy has skidded lower. The price of gold has SOARED since Obama became president. The only people profiting are gold buyers. The smart people. More power TO them!

GOING FOR THE UNINFORMED VOTE: That’s what Obama is doing. He hopes there are enough people in this country who “don’t pay attention to politics” until shortly before an election. People who KNOW NOTHING about what’s happening, but vote, anyway.

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