Thursday, November 22, 2012

The True Story of Thanksgiving

It wasn’t in any way how you have been taught. The Indians didn’t “show the settlers how to succeed.” They weren’t invited to a dinner to “share the bounty” because of their help. What really happened was that they originally set it up so everybody had a share in EVERYTHING, whether they worked or not. It was COLLECTIVISM, a system that has since been proven many times not to work. The lack of incentive to work caused half the colony to die that first year, including the governor’s wife. So he changed it: he gave every man a plot of land, whose bounty he could KEEPand trade with others at his wish. That restored the INCENTIVE to “produce” on the part of the settlers and they PROSPERED. That year, they invited the Indians to dinner , not in appreciation, but in friendship. What the governor created was THE FREE MARKET, which made this country the “destination of choice” for ANYBODY who wanted to better himself. That first year’s disaster was caused by COLLECTIVISM (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism). Yet people are still trying to impose it upon us, Obama is working hard to do so. And we (not me) RE-elected this FOOL to another four years to ”finish what he started,” which, if he succeeds, will FINISH us. (Just common sense)

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