Saturday, September 15, 2012

"How Did This Happrn?

That’s what a woman asked when she arrived at her destination hundreds of miles away from home to find her cat inside her bag, It’s also what liberals asked when Islamic terrorists burned our embassy and killed four people, including our ambassador. Pur liberal politicians think just because we helped them get rid of Khaddaffi, they should love us. They have no idea how those people think. This attack is just the beginning. Wake UP, Obama! Muslim extremists ARE at war with us!

STRAW MAN: Democrats love to lie about what Republicans want, then criticize them for it. That’s the only way they can find anything TO criticize them for. They certainly can’t tout anything good about themselves.. So all they can do is “knock” Republicans on imaginary issues. Things like a “war on women” that doesn’t exist or all the jobs they CLAIM to have created, but didn’t.

REID CALLS TEA PARTIES “EXTREMISTS” (AGAIN): “We must stop the Tea Party before the United States Senate falls into the hands of extremists and ideologues,” Sen. Reid said. What a FOOL this man is. The Tea Parties want their country back from the extremists and ideologues who are NOW in charge. If that’s extremism, I confess. I’m an extremist.

MICHELLE TELLS TRUTH AT CONVENTION: In her speech at the Democrat Lie-Fest (otherwise known as the Democrat National Convention) she said this: “Being president doesn’t change who you are, it REVEALS who you are.” And it certainly has revealed that Obama is a collectivist (socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist) believer who is trying valiantly to impose his beliefs on us. Otherwise, it was a “tissue of lies,” as are (and will be) ALL the speeches at this convention.

PERFECT TIMING: On the second day of the Democrat Lie-Fest, the National Debt officially rose to OVER $16 TRILLION dollars. Nine of it all belongs to Obama. The rest of it belongs to ALL the former presidents. That’s right: Obama has spent MORE than ALL the presidents who preceded him. And he really expects to be re-elected?

COST OF FOOD STAMPS DOUBLED! Yes, DOUBLED: Obama’s forces claim they’re out to “help the poor,” but not it costs the poor TWICE what it used to cost them to get their food stamps. That’s in money now worth HALF what it used to be worth. And THIS is HELPING the poor? I don’t THINK so!

OBAMA: "WE BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT": What a LOAD of BS! The government belongs to US! Not the other way around. It’s typical of Obama and his crowd to think WE belong to THEM: more evidence that we need to GET RID OF THEM, as soon as we can.

OBAMA IS A COMPLETE PHONY: And so is his wife. Unlike most “first ladies,” she is not merely an “adjunct” to the president. She is an integral part of the scheme to fool us about who he is and WHAT he is. And she’s good at it. In her speech at the convention she was using a teleprompter, but you wouldn’t know it. To those of us who pay attention and can see it, it was obvious she didn’t believe a single word she was saying, but she said it anyway.

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