Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Historic Moment

In 2008 we elected the first black man president (Sorry PC folks; I don’t use your dictated words). We (not me) thought we did good. We didn’t. By electing him, we initiated four years of incredible oppression on Americans. We started four years of increased racism in this country, fomented BY that black man, while he equated ANY opposition to racism. Too bad we chose a real a-hole when we finally broke down that barrier.

WHAT DID OBAMA DO? In his first two years, when he had a clear majority, he didn’t really do anything. The second two years, he spent raising money and playing golf (more than 100 times). He DID con the Congress into passing his health care swindle, which will be THE biggest tax increase and power grab, EVER. And he’s still blaming his failures on Bush.

“IT DEPENDS ON WHAT HE SAYS”: Fox News says whether or not Obama gets re-elected, depends on what he says in his nomination acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention. WRONG! It depends on whether or not voters BELIEVE the lies he will tell in that speech and elsewhere. They will be lies because there is no truth he can tell about his record, and he LOVES to lie.

"OBAMA KNOWS ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS: Because he lived it." That’s a lie. He has always been in “the elite” while he was being “groomed” to be president by the rest of the elite. He has no idea what the middle class is like. He’s trying to convince us he had a “tough job” recovering from what Bush left him. But that was caused by a law passed by Democrats in 1976 forcing lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it.

RICH NEED TO PAY “THEIR FAIR SHARE”: What a load of bullsh-t THAT is. The rich pay MOST of the federal income taxes paid; period. And they have been doing it for a long time. The top 25% earners pay 86% of ALL income taxes, PLUS what they pay on top of that in capital gains taxes. That they don’t is a MYTH created BY the liberal Democrats.

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