Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phony Hooraw

Democrats and the liberal media are making a big thing out of some “off-the-cuff-remarks” made by Romney caught by a hidden camera. I heard those remarks and he said NOTHING wrong. He says they were “off-the-cuff” and inelegantly stated, but true. It’s all a “tempest in a teapot” designed to take our attention off Obama’s LACK of anything substantive to be able to say.

OFFENDING HALF THE POPULATION: Obama is criticizing Romney for “offending half the U. S. population, which he has NOT. Meanwhile, OBAMA has “written off half the population.” Where the hell does he think he has the right to talk?

ROMNEY: “BE SELF-SUFFICIENT”: Obama is making a big thing about the fact Romney is saying people should be “self-sufficient,” and not depend on government to send their kids to college as Obama wants it to do. Obama WANTS all of us to DEPEND on government so he can give the orders” and control us.

SHUT THE HELL UP! That’s what I want to tell all the politicians who are running those lying ads against each other. I know we need to have this discourse, but does it have to last FOREVER?

“OBAMA TREATS US LIKE WE’RE HIS ENEMY”: And we ARE Obama’s enemy. At least I am, mostly because of the things he has done to this society in his effort to change this from a free market society to a socialist society. We need to FIRE this fool!

SPENDING OUR MONEY LIKE WATER: I wish we had all the money he and his spendthrift wife have spent on their lavish vacations, just this year, never mind all four years of his administration. We could balance the budget and have a surplus. She still thinks she’s the queen and he’s the king. Wonder what kinds of vacations they’d have if he weren’t president.

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