Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nothing to Believe In

Obama says we need to continue to “believe in me!” But there’s nothing to believe in! He has looted this government’s treasury to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, which he has funneled, under various disguises (like bailouts and “investments” in “green energy that predictably fail while the principles disappear with the money) to his friends and donors. He has done many other things like that, and we should believe in him?” Not EVEN!

NEED SHORTER “LAME DUCK” SESSION: We need to significantly shorten the “lame-duck session” for a president who has been voted out of office. A “lame-duck” president like Obama is going to be after November should never be given until January 20 to do us as much damage as he can. And Obama could do us a LOT of damage in that amount of time. Knowing how vindictive he is, I’m sure he will. In France, it is ONE WEEK.

END HIS POWER: If Obama gets beaten in November (as I fervently hope he will) his power to sign bills into law and do other things he can still do as a beaten president until January 20, should be stopped so this vindictive man cannot do us a lot more damage.

“TEA PARTY SUBVERSIVE?” What’s “subversive about wanting smaller government and lower taxes? About keeping the freedom we’ve fought wars to keep? About getting rid of a president who wants to move us toward that discredited (Russia, Cuba) system of collectivism? They insult us by calling us “tea-baggers” (referring to the gay practice of one man taking the other’s testicles in his mouth), rather than arguing on the issues, because they know they cannot win in such an argument.

CREATING THE PROBLEM: Democrats themselves cut student interest rates in half many years ago with one specific purpose in mind: causing an argument that would come up in this election year. They’re making a “big thing” about those rates DOUBLING now, as if that would affect CURRENT students, which it will NOT. Only the Democrats can stop it from happening, and that will look good in the election, won’t it? So you can bet they’ll do it while saying the Republicans are against it.

“UP TO” 80%: The government makes a lot of noise about them paying “up to 80% of your medical and hospital costs, but if you look closely, it is NOT TRUE. They’re LYING. I recently looked at one of my hospital bills and saw this: Amount: $1,000.00. Submitted to the government, $800.00. Approved amount, $500.00. Paid by government, $400. that’s NOT 80% of the bill. The “key words here” are “up to.”

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