Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting A Perverted View

That’s what Obama is getting when he goes out into the “hinterlands” on a quest for money. The only people who BOTHER to go to his rallies are those who are already DEDICATED liberal Democrats and don’t care WHAT he does; they’re “with him.” He thinks all America is that way. He couldn’t be more wrong, and he’ll find out in November.

DON’T ELECT LENIN: The Russian people freely elected Vladimir Lenin (because they liked his “give-away” message) and that was the last free election they had for 75 years. Lenin brought COMMUNISM to them and he and his cronies RULED them from then on until “other people’s money” ran out, as it always will eventually under any form of collectivism. Don’t re-elect our own Lenin (Obama) in November.

OBAMA’S GOT A PROBLEM: He CONTROLS the polls and can make them say what he wants to, to a point, and he can’t do much better than a 50-50 tie while “sampling” mostly Democrats and ignoring Republicans and anybody he can’t identify as a Democrat supporter.

JOE’S GOT A LOT OF GALL: He says Romney won’t let you see his tax returns and criticizes him for that. But he completely ignores the fact that Obama will not let you see ANYTHING pertaining to his early life; not his birth certificate, his school records, nor anything else.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW? ARE you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Not if you have a grain of intelligence. We’re $16 TRILLION dollars in debt, most of which spent by THIS president. We have been at 9% unemployment for his entire administration (reign) with no sign of it reducing soon. He has “declared war” on private enterprise, trying to “regulate” them out of existence. ARE you better off? I don’t think so!

: Or maybe a whole spoonful of salt. They can be swayed in one direction or another too many ways to take them seriously. They can “oversample” one side or another or ask questions that elicit answers that say what the pollsters wish. The only way I can see for Obama, with his miserable record, to be “even” in the polls is to falsify them.

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