Saturday, September 29, 2012

Banks Did NOT "Crater the Economy!"

Obama is fond of saying that “banks cratered the economy,” which is a bald-faced LIE. Banks did NOT do it. Obama’s people did it when they passed that infamous law in 1976 that FORCED lenders (banks) to loan money to people who could never repay it in order to “create a crisis” to get Obama (or whoever the Democrat candidates were in 2008) and others elected.

“MISSPOKE” CODE WORD FOR “LIED”: Whenever a politician says he “misspoke,” he means he LIED and got caught (that is, unless he just ignores it like it didn’t happen, which is what most Democrats do). You have to learn these “code words” so you can interpret what politicians are saying.

REPUBLICAN POLITICS DID NOT DO IT: The Democrats keep saying “We don’t want a return to the Republican politics that got us into this mess,” but that’s a LIE, too. It was DEMOCRAT politics that got us into this mess, and it was PLANNED so as to be able to elect a bunch of ignorant Democrats to office. It worked, until we saw through the plan and sent many of them (67 in the 2010 election) packing. We’ll send the rest of them home in 2012, including Obama.

OBAMA DOESN’T UNDERSTAND: He doesn’t understand how the world works. That’s why he does such stupid things as “punishing achievement” with his discriminatory laws against “the rich.” Without “the rich,” there would BE no economy because it is their investments that create the projects that create the jobs and profits that FINANCE the economy. They already pay MOST of the income taxes paid (25% pay 86% of the taxes). It’s unfair and STUPID to charge them more. But Obama doesn’t know any better. His communist tutors taught him otherwise.

“NO GAYS IN IRAN!”  That’s what Iranian president (dictator) Ahmadinijerk says, and with assurance. That’s because they “rooted them out” and killed them. When people in the audience scoffed at this lie, he said, “Do you know of one? What is his address?” So they could find him and kill him, I guess.

LIBERALS ARE PARASITES: Parasites who feed on our productivity while condemning that very productivity that keeps them afloat. Meanwhile they do everything they can to STOP that productivity and vilify those who have been successful in life as “the rich,” who should be hated and taxed more because they, SOMEHOW, injured YOU while they GOT rich. Which is a lie, but that has never stopped liberals before, why should it now? They THINK we’ll continue to be   productive always, in spite of their efforts to destroy that productivity.

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