Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Fair Share" Is A Lie!

Every time I hear Obama say “the rich should pay their fair share,” I shudder. The rich ARE paying their “fair share,” and then some! The top 25% of wage earners pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid! Democrats don’t believe that, even though my source is the IRS itself. Like many things they don’t believe, it is true.

OBAMA’S NEVADA TRIP: After our embassies were attacked in several countries, Obama APOLOGIZES for “allowing” a movie that “hurt the religious feelings” of Muslims to be made in America, where you don’t get to “allow” such things. (Americans have the RIGHT to do such things) Then, instead of staying in Washington and making plans to stop such things from happening in the future, he goes off to Las Vegas to raise more money.

WORKING ACROSS THE ISLE: That’s something Obama has NEVER done. In fact, he has “frozen out” the Republicans whenever an important decision was to be made. The whole idea of him “working across the aisle” is a lie, like most of his concepts.

6.000 TEACHERS COULD LOSE THEIR JOBS: That’s the reason the teacher’s union says why they are striking, among others. That’s because real teacher evaluation is part of the school’s wishes. If “evaluating” teachers on their performance will cause 6,000 teachers to lose their jobs, those teachers NEED to lose their jobs if it is realized even now that they are incompetent.

THERE IS NO RADICAL ISLAM: Ignoring reality, professor Bill Warner has made a video claiming there IS no radical Islam. What a FOOL he is!!. He says “talking about radical Islam is like talking about unicorns. Meanwhile radical Islamists are daily murdering people for not believing the same way they do. This guy is an excellent example of why you should never accept what a “professor” says about such things because he knows nothing and thinks he knows everything.

“A GREAT RELIGION”: That’s what Hillary calls the Muslim religion in spite of evidence that it is NOT “a great religion,” but merely a political movement MASQUERADING as a religion. Not only that, the very TENETS of this “religion” show it to be a sham. Like that which lays a DEATH SENTENCE on its believers who move on to a different religion, as well as others. People who accept this “religion” aren’t too smart. Muslim governments make sure of that.

“TWO PARTS PANDERING”: Hillary’s statement about the Muslim extremist attacks on our embassies are “two parts pandering and one part outrage” according to one Fox News commentator. Apparently she somewhat agrees with Obama that Muslim extremists are not at war with us. They are, whether this government believes it or not, and we will not begin to defeat them until our own president admits it.

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