Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Let's Ban Corporate Profits"

That’s what’s being said at the Democrat National Convention by some delegates. I guess that’s okay of you want to commit economic suicide. This is an example of the abysmal stupidity of some Democrats. Too many of them, if you want to know the truth. Profit is the grease that makes this society run. Without it, we would die a horrible death economically. But they’re too stupid to know that.

IT’S NOT THE “FRINGE”: In the item above, these answers were elicited by a reporter going around and talking to various anti-corporate activists. They went out of their way to avoid talking to the “Occupy” protesters outside. So it’s not “the fringe” saying this—it’s the “mainstream.” And they call the “Tea Party” extreme?

This from the Palm Beach Democrat chairman Mark Alan Siegel. And they call the “Tea Party” extreme! The only people who want the Jews slaughtered are Muslims. But Democrats don’t recognize that. They’re not smart enough.

TOM BROKAW HOSPITALIZED: Out of an abundance of caution when he said he felt “lightheaded.” What I want to know is how anybody could tell any difference from normal. Tom Brokaw being “lightheaded” is a normal thing. He says he took some Ambien and that was the result. I think it was a result of him being Tom Brokaw.

WASSERMAN SHULTZ CAUGHT IN A LIE: She tells so many it’s a wonder some enterprising reporter hasn’t caught her before now. I guess it’s because most of them are “on her side’ and ignore it. She told a lie to reporter Phillip Klein of the Washington Examiner and he produced an audiotape of her saying what she said she didn’t say. But did she apologize? Not a chance. Debbie just ignores it and goes on when she’s caught in a lie.

BLOOMBERG STRIKES AGAIN! He is now suggesting a new law forcing kids to wear uniforms rather than their own choices. It might even be a good idea, but he has no POWER to order parents to do so, and he is “Taking in a little more territory” than he is entitled to.

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