Thursday, September 27, 2012

50,000 Word Essay

 That’s what we got the other day when Obama was asked, point-blank, WHY out embassy in Libya wasn’t better protected. Why it was such an easy terrorist target (no matter what he says). He immediately launched into a 50,000 word verbal essay that, when he was finished, hadn’t come NEAR to answering the question asked.

ARE WE STUPID, OR WHAT? When the bill to kill foreign aid ($billions of dollars sent to people who hate us and riot against us and murder our diplomats) for the Middle East countries who hate us the most DIED in the Congress, 84 to 10. Why do we keep giving $billions to people who dis us and burn our flag? Sheesh!

MAD AT RIOTERS? Go on your own riot. That’s what people in Libya did. Apparently, one of the easiest things to do there is raise a bunch of people for a riot, for ANYTHING. They apparently don’t care about the subject they just want to riot. And if they get to kill somebody, so much the better. Killing is what they do for fun over there.

AMERICA’S CHIEF COUNTERFEITER: Treasury Secretary (and tax cheater) Timothy Geitner counterfeits more money (with the able assistance of the “Fed”) than any other counterfeiter the cops want to put in prison for “diluting” the American dollar, but nobody will ever try and put him in prison because he works for the government, and when the government does it, it seems not to be against the law.

GETTING RID OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT: Islamists and their dupes all over the world think we should junk the First Amendment where it concerns Muslims. Why the HELL do we GO OUT OF OUR WAY to pander to Muslims, who are killing our people every day? I think it’s the Muslims who have worked their way into positions of power within our government, just as communists did years ago while nobody believed it.

HATE SPEECH: The liberals AND the Muslim extremists have gone far in their efforts to brand ANYTHING criticizing them as “hate speech. But if criticizing liberals OR Muslim extremists becomes “hate speech” in law, I will be guilty of “hate speech” because I intend to keep telling the truth about them both.

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