Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama Still Blaming Bush

He says the economy was a lot worse than even HE realized when he took office. That’s a LOAD of BULLSH-T and we all know it if we have any intelligence at all. It began with the Democrat law FORCING lenders to loan money without regard to the customer’s ability to repay. An “exercise in insanity,” as we all now know.

NOTHING GOOD TO SAY: Obama cannot say anything good about his own “accomplishments,” so he continues to blame Bush and the Republicans for problems HE created with bad policies. Just look at the “theme” of his negative ads and you’ll see that. His big criticism is that Romney is “rich” and has an overseas account. He doesn’t mention that he is, too, and does also. More than one. While he plays with trillions of dollars of OUR money.

MONEY FROM “BIG OIL”: That’s another “big thing” in Obama’s negative ad campaign against Romney. That he has gotten money from “big oil.” Sure he has; and so has Obama. It’s well known that businessmen give money to BOTH parties so they’ll leave them alone. It’s like the “protection racket” on steroids. What can Romney do for “big oil? ”Make it easier to bring gas prices down. I’ll go for that.

STAKES TOO BIG: Senate Majority Leader Reid says, “This is too important to let partisanship get in the way.” He’s right. It IS “too big,” but he is on the BAD SIDE of the issue and partisanship is the only way to stop him. If filibustering is all we have until the election, we’re gonna use it until we can get rid of the “Reid Obstacle” to reality.

MILLIONAIRES NEED TO PAY MORE TAXES! That’s what Warren Buffet says, but maybe we’d pay more attention to him if he paid HIS taxes. He has been fighting to keep from paying his taxes for almost a decade. He has been “short-changing” the government for a long time and that “all-powerful” IRS can’t seem to do anything meaningful about it. Meanwhile Obama goes on and on about the Koch Brothers, who seem to be on “the other side” from him.

“NOTHING TO HIDE”: Mark Hannah. Democrat political consultant, says, “Obama has nothing to hide.” Why then, won’t he release his REAL birth certificate, his school records, and many other papers involving his past? I think he has a LOT to hide. That’s why he keeps them secret.

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