Tuesday, September 11, 2012

They Think They're Winning!

Muslims who murdered 3,000 innocent people at the world Trade Center in 2001 think they’re winning because we haven’t yet been able to stop their constant “picking” at us with their incessant bombings and other atrocities. But they’re wrong. By their actions they have caused the DEATH of their religion as a major world-wide religion because we now know who and what they are. They’re hard to find. They’re good at “hitting and running,” mostly running and hiding. But we’ll eventually find them ALL and kill them, as we did with Osama bin Laden and, over the years, several of his successors. Muslims wanting to go to war with America is like an ANT crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. They think the Crusades were bad for them, just wait. We killed another the other day and we’ll kill them as they’re replaced, every time.

OBAMA’S PROMISES KEPT: None. None that I want to see, anyway. The only promises I can see that Obama has kept are the ones that move us closer to collectivism (socialism). This is a negative. The things Obama claims as positives are negatives to anybody with any amount of intelligence. C’mon, folks! We don’t need a Vladmir Lenin!

GETTING TIRED OF FOOLS: I’m getting really tired of hearing those Democrat fools extolling the “virtues” of a man who HAS no virtues, trying to get him re-elected so he can finish the job of screwing the nation. They keep saying he “inherited” a mess from Bush. But that “mess” was caused by a 1976 Democrat-passed law forcing lenders to loan money to people who they KNEW could not repay it. They laugh when you point that out, but they never refute it because they can’t.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: Obama said, in 2008, “If I can’t fix this mess in 4 years, it’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Now, 4 years later, having made “this mess” a LOT worse, he says, NOBODY could have fixed it in 4 years. I need another 4 years to do it.” He was right in 2008. HIS people CREATED “this mess” with a 1976 law and it was more than they figured it would be. So get rid of him and the rest of his gang.

“NO DISCORD”: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in her typical lying fashion, says the “disagreement” on the floor of the convention over the words “God” and “Jerusalem” for the Israeli capital, called it a simple “policy disagreement such as they have every day in the Congress. That woman lies every time she opens her mouth. Of course, the “vote” was fixed.

IT’S GETTING PRETTY BAD OUT THERE: In a news report on “Bare Naked Islam about a Muslim woman’s dead body being covered with bacon in Britain, there were TWO misspellings. One, the word “morge” and the other “liew.” Yes, nobody’s perfect, and I don’t know whether the misspellings came from “Bare Naked Islam” or from the British source, but it seems to me we’ve been suffering from bad spelling a lot more lately due to lack of good schooling, both here and abroad.

“I WOULD LIKE TO KILL HIM”: A DNC delegate said about Mitt Romney, “I would like to kill him.” Why? Because he disagrees with you? That shows the level of intellect and reason that abounds at the Democrat National Convention. For my part, you don’t kill people because you disagree with him. Only liberals do that.

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