Saturday, September 22, 2012

Never the Top Man

A report has come out “clearing” AG Holder of any wrongdoing in the “Fast & Furious investigation.” Are you surprised that an “investigation” done by people working for AG Holder didn’t find him guilty of any wrongdoing? Naturally, a bunch of LOW LEVEL employees were found guilty.

THE “BUFFETT LAW”: Warren Buffett whines about the rich not paying enough taxes (when they pay 86% of income taxes paid while they re 25% of population) so the House has passed a law making it easier for them to pay more taxes. Like it was hard before! Damn it’s funny what politicians come up with.

DON’T CALL HIM “SIR”: I’ve noticed the tendency of many people, when criticizing Obama, still call him “sir.” As in, “You spent too much money, sir.” This is wrong. Obama has frittered away any right to be called “sir.” I won’t even refer to him as “President Obama.” When I speak of him it will be “Barack” or just “Obama.” And as far as I’m concerned, the sooner he loses the honorific, “president,” the better.

INTERNATIONAL LAW AGAINST INSULTING RELIGIONS: That’s what one Islamic organization (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is pushing for. They mean, THEIR religion only. They say, “Americans should stop hiding behind their freedom of speech.” I got a clue for him; it’s THE LAW in this country, and no amount of “international laws” are going to change that. I’ll say this: when Muslims observe tolerance for OTHER religions, I MIGHT tolerate theirs.

OBAMA’S HAPPY: The number of  able bodied adults on food stamps has DOUBLED in the few weeks since he eliminated the “work requirement “administratively.” This is what he wants: more and more people dependent on government largesse. It helps move us ever closer to socialism.

ISLAM HAS LOST ITS HONOR: Islamic demonstrators in Pakistan are sporting sighs that say, “Our Prophet, Our Honor.” I got news for them. If they don’t “rein in” their extremists, they will have LOST their “honor.” Actually, they already have.

NO BULLETS ALLOWED: We now know that those imposing looking Marines that guard our embassies are “toothless.” They’re not allowed to have BULLETS in their guns. No wonder they lost in such a fashion when the Libyan embassy was attacked. You can’t defend an embassy without bullets and the will to use them.

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