Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is Government Smarter Than You Are?

The government will tell you it is, but the truth is, it is NOT. The people in office are just “average joes” and are not any smarter than anybody else. They just want you to THINK they are. Don’t buy that BS about people like Obama being “the smartest man in the country.” He is NOT. His steadfast belief in collectivism illustrates that.

“ROMNEY DUPED ME”: That’s what a woman in an Obama ad says, but she’s wrong. It’s OBAMA that duped her, and the rest of the country, too. I hear people all the time griping about the conditions in this country, but few of them connect that with Obama’s policies. That tells me THEY’RE duped. I hope enough are “waking up” to get rid of this “blight” on the presidency. I’ve seen some bad presidents. But none as bad as this one.

OSAMA CAN VOTE! More dead people have voted for Democrats in this country than anybody else. So I guess Osama bin Laden (or his lookalike) are now qualified. Democrats SAY that there is NOT a “big problem” with fraudulent voting in this country, trying to mask the fact that they have seen to that by making sure nobody can be properly vetted when voting. That’s what the big fight about voter ID is all about. The Democrat’s wish to make it more difficult to keep track of just WHO voted.

DEMOCRATS REQUIRE PHOTO ID 3 TIMES: The Democrats, who hate the very IDEA of a photo ID for voters, are REQUIRING a photo ID to get into the Democrat Convention. They’re even SELLING a “birth certificate coffee cup” and you have to show a photo ID to BUY it. What a bunch of fools! They really think we don’t NOTICE stuff like this.

MUSLIMS SAY THEY DISCOVERED AMERICA: We used to laugh over Russian claims to have “invented” just about everything there is. Now we get to laugh at Muslims trying to change their own ghastly history. They think we’ll believe their BS if they repeat it over and over. Oh, well. I’d rather they claim things like that than try to kill us for not believing exactly the same way they do.

CHRIS MATTHEWS A POLITICAL ADVOCATE: Not a newsman. Newsmen aren’t supposed to be on one side or another, but Matthews has proven he is a liberal activist in every way he can; from that “thrill up my leg when Obama speaks” to his claims that Republicans are racist (when facts prove it is DEMOCRATS who have been the racists down through history). What a FOOL and simpleton, If his bosses were any smarter than he is (which I doubt) they’ll get rid of this embarrassment to journalism.

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