Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Muslims "Disappointed"

They’re “disappointed” that Americans “go out of their way” to hurt the feelings” of Muslims. That’s what they said after they had a tantrum and destroyed the American embassy in Libya and, getting location directions from the Libyan government, MURDERED our ambassador and “carried him through the streets” half naked while thousands cheered. They wonder WHY we “go out of our way to hurt the feelings of Muslims.” How stupid ARE they?

ROMNEY SHOULD SHUT UP: He's not president yet (if ever) and so should keep his mouth shut about the embassy attack that killed four people, including the American ambassador. Muslim extremists were "in a snit," having a tantrum over "insults" from Americans. What the hell do they EXPECT when they wantonly murder our people every day, then go and hide so we can't punish them? I think Romney is absolutely right to comment. It's Obama who should shut up.

SCHULTZ “IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE”: Anderson Cooper (no conservative he) says, “Debbie Wasserman Schultz is living in an alternate universe regarding the Democrat platform change about the very mention of the word, “God” and of “Jerusalem” being the Israeli capital. I think she just “lives in an alternate universe,” period.

OBAMA AND MICHELLE HAVE SAME STUTTER: People think it’s an accident. I think it’s on purpose. I think it’s written into their speeches (by the same person) and practiced for hours. How else do they have the exact SAME stutter in their speeches? This is another example of the phoniness involved with these people.

“EXTRORDINARY PRESIDENT” Nancy Peelosi says, “We are determined to re-elect an extraordinary president.” Actually, Obama is an “extraordinarily stupid” president and should be thrown out with the other garbage. But then we expect such stupidity from Nancy.

IT NEEDED TWO VOTES: When they voted on allowing the word “God” (and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel) into their Democrat platform, the vote so surprised the chairman (twice) he stopped and did it again. It didn’t help. It still got a positive vote and those things were left in.

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