Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't Tell Us What to Do!

The Islamic terrorists who are killing innocent people every day hope to bluff us into BANNING that stupid anti-Muslim video made by an idiot by claiming it is to blame for the current crop of terrorist murders. Any FOOL knows better. They’re just doing their regular daily schedule of killings and BLAMING IT on that video hoping to get that FOOL in the White House to “do their bidding.”

ARM OUR MARINES! It is STUPID to assign our fighting men to “guard” our embassies and not allow them to be armed with loaded weapons. We need to increase their number, and make sure they’re armed with loaded weapons, then signal that ANY attack on the embassy will be met with deadly force. Then carry it out if we ARE attacked. They’d soon stop.

EGYPT IS NOW OUR ENEMY: The Muslim extremists have “taken over” in Egypt and they are now our ENEMY. Even though Obama and his crowd won’t admit it, no more than they will admit that they are AT WAR with us. We need to cut off ALL foreign aid to Egypt and all other Muslim-run countries who “give us a hard time” until they “wake up” and stop.

BUILDING A MOB: Why do Muslims never have any trouble building a mob to “protest” a real or imagined slight? Probably because of the high unemployment rate in Muslim countries that is CAUSED by them spending their time in such mobs and which is BLAMED on us. Other causes are them teaching mostly hatred for non-Muslims in their schools while ignoring academics. That means their people are ignorant.

WHY CLINTON LIKES OBAMA: Until Obama was elected, he was the second worst president in the history of the country (right behind Jimmy Carter). Now that we know about Obama, Clinton has been “bounced” to the third spot while remaining popular among gullible Democrats. So he likes Obama; a lot.

“BITTER CLINGERS”: Obama’s “government” is “bitterly clinging” to its imaginary theory that Islamic terrorists raided several embassies and killed several people over a “video” that may not even exist (nobody’s seen it, anyway, up to now). Everybody with any intelligence at all knows that “outrage” over a video doesn’t get people with automatic weapons and even ROCKET launchers together to attack multiple targets.

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