Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Dictator Speaks

Obama says if Congress won’t pass his latest spending and tax bill (that he falsely calls a “Jobs Bill”) he’ll do it himself administratively. What he means is he’ll create an “executive order” to accomplish what that bill was supposed to to, and which our representatives rejected. Only problem is, an executive order is SUPPOSED to only affect what is done by members of the executive branch of the federal government, not the American citizens. So anything he directs this way is NOT enforceable on ANYBODY but members of the executive branch.

COMPUTERS DOWN: Yes, that's right: COMPUTERS (plural) have been down since last Thursday. All told, I have lost FOUR computers in the last two weeks. The first one was the one loaned me by my tech when he LOST my NEW computer. Then the one he gave me to replace that one went down immediately, as did the next one, and the next one in quick succession. If I didn't know better I'd think somebody has been sending me virulent viruses to shut me up. Fortunately, all were still under warranty so all it cost me was time and frustration. If you see this, the latest computer has not gone down.

STOP TELLING THE TRUTH? Herman Cain said China “is a military threat,” and is being “raked over the coals” for it. One commentator on Fox even said, “now he is a front runner he has to stop saying such things.” What? Stop telling the truth because he is a front runner? Communist China IS a “military threat.” Politicians need to start telling the truth.

INVESTING IN A LOSER: People are asking why the private sector doesn't invest in “green energy” and why the federal government has to do it. Maybe the private sector is smart enough to realize “green energy” is a loser based on a con. NO “green energy” investment is ever going to make a profit for ANYBODY but the promoters, who “take the money and run,” leaving the investors (in this case, the taxpayers) to take the loss.

JUST GIVE US THE MONEY: That's basically what the “Occupy Everywhere” idiots are demanding. They want those who financed their education (otherwise known as conditioning) to “forgive” the debt they incurred, completely ignoring that the money had to come from SOMEWHERE and that those people, who WORKED for that money, would suffer. What they're demanding is a “free ride,” which is what the communists promised the people before the Bolshevik revolution and we're heading in the same direction.

RAISING TAXES FOR EDUCTION: Colorado's governor is proposing DEEP cuts in education funding while promoters re pushing Prop. 103, a badly written measure SUPPOSEDLY to give more money to education, which is really “cash-rich.” They just won't admit it. Funny this measure is being promoted at the SAME TIME education is “taking a hit.”4

CALL HIM ON IT: I'm getting sick and tired of Obama calling his latest “tax and spend program” a “jobs bill” while NOBODY “calls him” on it. This is the reason why he gets away with such blatant lies while the press “laps it up” like a thirsty dog does in his water bowl.

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