Sunday, November 27, 2011

Obama's Retaliation

This is how Obama operates; Ohio voted to “opt out” of Obama’s health care swindle, so he shut down their shale oil business, costing this country 200,000 jobs, in retaliation. This man is DANGEROUS! We need to get rid of him at the first opportunity, without fail!

“PARTISAN BICKERING”: Why is it always “partisan bickering” when Republicans so it, but when Democrats do it, it becomes “sticking to their principles?” Why don’t Democrats recognize that Republicans have basic principles? Never mind. I know the answer.

IT’S THEIR JOB, STUPID! The Founders constructed the Congress so both sides of every issue could be “discussed” and, if possible, agreement reached. It’s not “partisan bickering” when Republicans stick to their principles and refuse to “knuckle under” to Democrats.

ISN’T $7,500 A MONTH ENOUGH? A retired teacher was heard to say at an “Occupy (Whatever)” meeting, that it would take the overthrow of the government to attain the goals (whatever they are) OWS has set for itself. Why? Isn’t it enough this teacher makes more in RETIREMENT than most of us EVER have?

KILLING KHADDAFFI: The left is giving us a hard time for killing Khaddaffi. His family wants to sue. What if all of his victims sued his family? There isn’t enough court time available to hear all those cases. Gimme a break! Some people (like Khaddaffi) don’t deserve to BE alive.

“HATE CRIMES”: Liberals always want to call things they disagree with “hate crimes” when they aren’t. Bob Beckel, on “The Five” (Turkeys) wants to call it a “hate crime” when an employer declines to hire somebody who has been unemployed for a long time. Maybe I’ll make a list of all the stupid things liberals want to label as “hate crimes.”

HOW TO STOP GUN RUNNING TO MEXICO: I saw a show on Fox recently with the theme, “How to stop Mexican drug lords from getting American guns? Actually, the answer is simple: Stop Obama and his henchmen from selling guns to them!

OXYMORON: “Occupy (Whatever)” wants to start their own bank. Aren’t bankers one of their prime targets? With whose money are they going to start it? Yours? Mine? Who is going to run it? Wouldn’t that be WORK? From what I’ve seen and heard, “work” is a “dirty word” to them.

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