Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Failure of Socialism

The “first Americans” first tried collectivism, putting all their production into a big pile to which people were supplied according to their “need.” Nobody worked very hard because they thought their needs would be supplied by the group. They were wrong, and half of them died that next winter. Next year they tried the “free market” where each person got to keep the fruits of his own production and they prospered. That’s the best Thanksgiving message ever.

I WILL VETO EFFORTS TO SAVE THE MILITARY: This is what Obama has promised. The excessive cuts to both the military and Medicare will destroy both, while he blames the Republicans for it. With such large cuts he military will be UNABLE to defend this nation, and the Islamic terrorists will take full advantage of that. These big cuts to Medicare will work a hardship on people who have paid in for years (at the point of a gun) on the PROMISE of support in their old age. That promise will not be kept under Obama.

ALWAYS POLICE BRUTALITY: When demonstrators work hard to piss cops off, there WILL be “police brutality. It’s inescapable. Even if the cops don’t “crack” and crack some heads, they will claim they have done so. So much so, nobody believes them any more.

AL-ZAWAHIRI NOW A TARGET: He has been named as the new HEAD of al-Qaida and, thus is now the top target in the Middle East. When he is killed or captured, whoever replaces him will then be the top target, and so on, until al-Qaida no longer exists, no matter how long that takes.

TALIBAN AND AL QAIDA THE SAME: Yes, they’re two different organizations, but they both have the same goals: death and destruction to ANYBODY who does not believe the exact same way they do. Even other Muslims.

LIBERALS ARE PARASITES: They want to feed on us and our productivity. What they don’t know, and will never admit, is that under socialism, productivity “goes away” and soon there is nothing for them to steal.

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