Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keeping Cops Safe, To Hell With You

There is a movement afoot to ban people from filming a policeman “doing his duty” in this country. That will keep the public from knowing about the excesses of some cops in stress situations. That way there will never be ANY video or photographic evidence when a cop oversteps his authority (except that on his own dash camera, which HE controls). That’s what they hope, anyway.

PERFECT TIMING: “Shutting down” Fannie and Freddie (the liberal “safety valve” for the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1977 that forced lenders to loan money to people who could NOT repay it, causing an economic disaster they could blame on Republicans) almost GUARANTEED a stunning victory for Democrats (socialists) in the 2008 elections and a Democrat “takeover” of the federal government. Now we just have to reverse their advances in 2012. Something we started in 2010 by nulling Obama's complete control of Congress.

LOSING PAKISTAN: Recent events have “strained” out relations with Pakistan. Who cares? It’s more to Pakistan’s benefit to have a good relationship with us than it is ours. So who cares if Pakistan no longer likes us because we discovered their hiding of and financing of terrorists?

OWS DECLARES VICTORY: After several instances of violence against police officers, and even deaths at their “gatherings,” Occupy Wall Street protesters have “declared victory.” What IS “Victory” to them? The number of people killed at their demonstrations? The number of police officers injured trying their best not to injure protesters when protesters get “in their face?” Have you noticed that few of them will show their faces while Tea Party demonstrators have no such problems?

REPUBLICANS “SCHOOL” NBC QUESTIONERS: Maria Batriromo and Jim Cramer were profoundly embarrassed many times (but didn't tumble to it) when they asked question after question not based on facts and the Republican candidates “took them to school.” One such was when Newt explained the difference between an “enemy combatant” and a simple criminal and how terrorists were NOT entitled to the rights of Americans, no matter where they were born.

“YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN”: Obama says if a Republican is elected to replace him “you’re on your own.” He actually says that as if it were a BAD thing. What a DOLT! It's not if you don't wish for the government to take care of you "from the cradle to the grave." Way too many Americans want just that.

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