Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Many Drug Dealers In the "Tea Party?"

A drug dealer was found living in a tent with a six-year-old child at the “Occupy Boston” dog and pony show. The cops didn’t mention the mess they were most likely living in because they expect it from this crowd. Drug dealers stay away from the Tea Party events because they know they’d last about ten seconds before they were “turned in” by their people. They’re a “breed apart” from the OWS crowd.

THEN THEY HAD TO PERFORM: Which they could not. The politicians in charge are incompetent to govern. They are only good at conniving to get elected, but they're spectacularly INcompetent at governing. They are IGNORANT of the fact that socialism and Keynesian economics do not work and work hard to institute both. When they DON'T work, they get thrown out of office. But they're patient. They sit out there, picking at everything we do, until they finally get back in office so they can create some more chaos through their incompetence to govern.

ACCEPTING CONSULAR CARDS: Folsom County, California is now accepting Mexico’s “Consular cards” as valid ID for illegal aliens, thus announcing to the world they will no longer be enforcing the immigration laws. I guess they’re saying to the Islamic terrorists who want to sneak in and blow us up, “Come on! We don’t care! Come in and kill us!” What happens first in California truly will spread to all America, including bankruptcy and ignoring immigration laws.

FEMA HAS ENOUGH MONEY AFTER ALL! “Oops, forget it! We got enough money after all. We just lost track of several billion dollars, is all. Forget we’re incompetent to keep track of all the money we have.” I wonder how much MORE money has been “lost” by other government agencies, run by the usual incompetent people.

WHY ARE WE LENDING MONEY TO RUSSIANS? Word is we’ve loaned $700 million to a Russian businessman when we’re BROKE. Why is that? Shouldn’t we be using any money we can (whether or not we have it) to help OUR OWN PEOPLE? Not Russian millionaires? Damn, these politicians are incompetent and inept!

COST OF EDUCATION TRIPLES: While the value of it sinks; and the liberal answer is for us (US! Not them!) to spend more money on education. Spending more money on something as faulty as our education system has become since the federal takeover will do NOTHING to improve it. The extra money will just allow the liberals to better indoctrinate our children.

ACORN BEHIND “OCCUPY (WHATEVER)”: Yes, it’s true. It’s the way they operate. They see something good (for them) and they “worm their way” into it. Today, their part of it is just a rumor. When it becomes fact, remember I said it first, here.

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