Tuesday, November 8, 2011

They're NOT Patriots!

The “Occupy (Wherever”) crowd are trying to label themselves as “patriots,” but they’re NOT! Their “demands" all come down to one thing: they want a “free ride” at the expense of others. They should change their name to “The Free Ride Coalition.” That would better describe their goals.

IT'S THE SOCIALISM, STUPID! Liberals blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the liberals for the economic disaster we're now suffering. Actually, it's BOTH of them. Democrats passed the Citizen's Reinvestment Act of 1977, forcing lenders to loan money to people who CANNOT pay it back to avoid a "redlining" investigation which, even if nothing could be proven could cost them billions in legal fees. The Republicans did not identify it for what it was and thus the Democrats got away with it. This was a socialist idea and, like most socialist ideas, it created havoc; which was what Democrats were after, so they could steal the 2008 election.

THEN THEY HAD TO PERFORM: Which they could not. The politicians in charge are incompetent to govern. They are only good at conniving to get elected, but they're spectacularly INcompetent at governing. They are IGNORANT of the fact that socialism and Keynesian economics do not work and work hard to institute both. When they DON'T work, they get thrown out of office. But they're patient. They sit out there, picking at everything we do, until they finally get back in office so they can create some more chaos through their incompetence to govern.

PEELOSI LIKES THE 9% UNEMPLOYMENT FIGURE” She says it would be a lot higher if not for Obama’s “spending programs.” What a LOAD of steaming, stinky brown stuff THAT is! Obama’s spending programs have not done a THING to make it come down, and they have done a lot to keep it up, and make it higher. It came down ONE PERCENT last month, but I expect it to go up again a LOT in the near future as Obama tries to SPEND his way out of financial trouble.

THREATENING SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS: If Obama would quit loaning money to RUSSIAN businessmen while guaranteeing loans to “green energy” con men like those in Solyndra, maybe he wouldn’t need to threaten to cut off Social Security payments. His threat is only good because politicians have LOOTED the “Social Security Fund” almost before the ink dried on FDR’s signature on the law that created it.

THE CAIN LYNCHING: Now a woman has come right out and described things Herman Cain is supposed to have done. Putting his hand under her dress and pulling her head toward his crotch. A sure signal he wanted oral sex (a la Bill Clinton). My question is this: why did all five of these women wait until NOW to “come forward” with these mostly vague (until now) accusations? Yes, ONE got a money settlement from the National Restaurant Association, which often happens when they figure that the accusation and a resulting lawsuit will cost them less than fighting a lawsuit, and without his knowledge.

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