Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Straight to Hell!

Some critics are telling Denver Bronco’s quarterback to “lose the Jesus talk.” He basically told them to go straight to hell (though not in those words; I’m not as nice as he is), and I agree with him. NOBODY has the right to tell him to stop talking ABOUT his religion or anything else. It’s none of their business what, or who he talks about. If they don’t like it, just go somewhere else.

“REPUBLICANS ALWAYS HAVE TO CAVE”: That’s all I hear when there is a stalemate in Washington. Why is it the DEMOCRATS never get pressure to “cave” on any issue? It’s always the Republicans. Who is it that decides who has to “cave” on one issue or the other? Why is it nobody ever says the DEMOCRATS have to cave on an issue?

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED EVERYTHING IS AN EMERGENCY? Why is everything always an emergency in Washington? Because everybody we send there is incompetent. They don’t know what they’re doing, so we have to “bail them out” of their own ignorance.

BASELINE BUDGETING IS A SCAM: Why does nobody ever talk about the fact that “baseline budgeting,” where every budget in Washington gets an AUTOMATIC 10% INCREASE every year, regardless of it’s efficiency? This allows them to claim a 7% INCREASE as a3% CUT! The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) will score the expiration of the Bush tax rate reductions as $5 trillion INCOME while its extension will be scored as a $5 trillion dollar EXPENDITURE! We BUY that crap, and always have.

STUPID IDEA: Why would ANYBODY hire somebody if he needs no new employees when every employee costs him up to $50,000 a year to “earn” the $2500 “bonus” Obama promised? Does Obama really think people smart enough to be in business are STUPID enough not to have “done the math” on this? I knew Obama wasn’t too bright, but I didn’t think he was that stupid.

UN IS USELESS: Syria murders 2,000 of their citizens for demonstrating against them and not a peep out of the UN. They’re too busy with their dog & pony show in favor of the terrorist Palestinian state. How much more transparent must they be before we figure them out and get rid of them? We provide most of their money, anyway.

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