Thursday, November 17, 2011

Politicians Insult My Intelligence Daily

Like “Princess” Nancy Peelosi saying, “We must pass this bill to find out what’s in it?” Somebody needs to tell this ignorant woman that’s not how it works in this country. Here, we KNOW what’s in ANY bill we’re asked to support. We don’t “buy a pig in a poke,” not knowing what we’re buying.

“THEY DON’T NEED MORE MONEY”: That’s what a Hollywood millionaire who just built a $36 MILLION DOLLAR home just said about people who do actual WORK to make their money. What the hell makes this “too rich” actress think she has the right to say how much money is “too much” for people other than her and her rich Hollywood friends?

TEACHER SAYS PEOPLE MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY: This teacher is in the OWS demonstration and thinks it’s going to take overthrowing our government to “solve our problems.” This teacher is RETIRED with a $7,000 a MONTH income. That’s $84,000 a year! How many of YOU made that kind of money, EVER in your lives?

“OCCUPY WALL STREET WANTS A FREE RIDE”: They’re collectivists(communists, socialists, Fascists, progressivists) all. They don’t want what’s best for AMERICA, but only what’s best for THEM. They want to TAKE from those who work and EARN their own way for themselves, so they can live without the bother of working.

“SUPER COMMITTEE” GETTING ADVICE FROM THE TEA PARTY: So what? The Tea Party is the only legitimate non-Congress representatives of REAL people in the United States. It is NOT an “organization; it is a compendium of people who are “fed up” with politicians stealing their money to give to those who won’t work, taxing us into oblivion, spending more money than there IS, more money than ALL presidents before Obama. Imposing collectivism on us.

“SUPER COMMITTEE” A SCAM: They have no intention of actually coming up with enough cuts to satisfy the demands made of them by Obama, which will result in MASSIVE, unsustainable cuts to Medicare and the military, This is a standard swindle. Do something to make Americans “rise up” and demand a “solution” so you can “offer” a solution that involves higher taxes and more governmental control of our lives. They did it with Prop 13 in California by threatening police, fire, and school cuts.

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