Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Such Thing As Bi-Partisanship

There is no such thing in real life; only in the feeble minds of liberals. This government was DESIGNED to be two completely DIFFERENT views of life; those who thought government should run everybody’s life and those who believe otherwise. There are many “shades” of opinion between these two extremes, but brought down to the very BASIC premise, it has always been, and always WILL be, a fight between different levels of these two extremes. Any politician who tells you different is LYING to you.

HERE WE GO AGAIN: The House just refused to pass the latest temporary spending bill to keep the government from running out of money in November. Are we going to get yet another “dog and pony show” over it? You know, where Obama blames the Republicans for it while he “stonewalls” it himself while demanding “compromise” with his idiotic measures? As usual

TYPICAL LIBERAL POLITICS: Congress is set to honor Charlie Rangel just six months after it censured him in an “ethics scandal.” This is common for Democrats. Failure or corruption is a “resume enhancement” for Democrats while it is the END of their careers for Republicans. And nobody (except people like me who pay attention) notices. We need to get Charlie (and Barney Frank) OUT of the Congress so he (they) can no longer screw us “legally.”

LOUSY SECURITY: Messages in Arabic appear on the bellies of SouthWest airplanes, proving there is NO security, at least at that airport. If they can do that, they can do other things to those planes. And does this happen at only ONE airport, or can it happen at airports all over the world? Next question: how long before this results in yet another Islamic terrorist created tragedy?

“POLITICS OF ENVY: Class warfare, which is what Obama is pushing, no matter how much he protests otherwise, is “the politics of envy.” He’s hoping to gain voters by making “average people,” which are the largest in number anywhere, ENVIOUS of those who make more money than they do. “Class envy” ignores an important factor; under our free enterprise system, only those who EARN it make a lot of money. Not so under socialism, where government steals from those who EARN and gives to those who do not.

SOMETHING WRONG HERE: Ahminidinijerk, a former (current?) terrorist who was involved in the kidnapping of Americans, and now the president of his country, is welcomed with open arms by college students as well as the UN. Meanwhile, at least one college has cancelled a speaking engagement by George Bush, former President of the United States.

SAME OL” SAME OL”: Obama is touting his new “jobs (spending) plan” as something completely new, but it isn’t. It’s exactly the same thing he has tried at least TWICE before, and failed to create ONE JOB. All he succeeded in doing is cause us to go deeper in debt when our money is gone, anyway.

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