Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ayn Rand "Disciple" Wants toEnd Bush's Tax Rate Cuts

The liberals want to make a big thing about that. What they don’t tell you is that Greenspan and Ayn Rand “broke up” over his changing of his financial views, and especially over his taking the job in our REAL government that the government in her book offered to Jon Galt (financial czar) and which he refused.

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE WITHOUT US: That’s the left’s answer whenever we call attention to the fact that NOTHING Obama has done has done any good in the effort to reduce the joblessness figures. What a load of sh-t. They can’t prove it, and we can’t DISprove it. So they think they win the argument—but they haven’t.

TOLERANCE: Now, ten years after Islamic terrorists pulled off one of the bloodiest, most brutal accidental attack upon Americans ever, we’re told we must now “have tolerance” for this racist, genocidal ideology or be called “Islamaphobic” (a “made-up word”). I got news for them. I don’t give a damn what they call me. I’m going to look CLOSELY at every Muslim I come into contact with, and if that INDIVIDAL looks like he/she is a terrorist, I’m going to take action. If not, I will not. If I see something a Muslim does that looks suspicious, I’m going to say something, and they can call me what they want.

“CREDIBLE, BUT UNCONFIRMED THREAT.” What? If it’s “credible,” it CAN’T be “unconfirmed.” If it’s “unconfirmed,” it can’t be “credible. Who the hell do these insipid politicians think we are to give us this kind of “mumbo-jumbo” and expect us to take them seriously? What a bunch of FOOLS have we (not me) elected?

THEY HAVE MANY NAMES: Taliban, HAMAS, al-Qaida, etc. Different names in different areas. Like the liberals, they know the value of changing their names to fool others. Like they do for themselves, too. Have you ever seen a Muslim terrorist who didn’t have fifteen different names? All these groups have the same goals and methods. They’re ALL Islamic terrorists, even if Obama doesn’t want to use that name any more.

HE’S GOT HIS NERVE: Van Jones, self-described COMMUNIST, says he’s going to “break that unpatriotic, crazy Tea Party (people who simply want their country back) bubble.” What a FOOL this man is to think America will believe HE is the “patriotic” actor in this script. He spends his days (and nights) pushing socialism and communism while calling REAL patriotic people (with no proof) unpatriotic. What a jerk this guy is. This is the kind of man Obama appoints to be his “czars.”

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