Sunday, November 6, 2011

False Charge

In Florida, a state trooper gave a man a $100 ticket for “flashing his lights,” supposedly to warn other drivers about the trooper’s whereabouts. The “charge” was “obstructing a police officer from his duty.” There’s only one problem. This cop cannot PROVE that’s what he was doing. He can only INFER it. We don’t enforce laws in that way in this country He’ll probably be convicted because such cops usually work in a “friendly court” which usually does what he wants them to do. The guy will be well advised to appeal to a higher court; one that is not quite so friendly to this particular cop.

NOT “BAIL”; RANSOM: Ahmadinijerk says he let those Americans his thugs caught two years ago and accused of being spies go because America paid a $million dollars in "bail.” But it’s not bail he’s after, it’s RANSOM. Payment for returning the victims of his “official kidnapping.” What we need to do is get out of Iraq and INTO Iran. Wait until all the top “officials” are in their government buildings, then level THEM.

WHO’S PAYING? The Iran “judiciary” (read: Imams) reversed Ahmadinijerk’s word that he’ll “let the kidnapped Americans go” as soon as we pay a million dollars, but the question remains: if they DO decide to let them go if we pay a million dollars, WHO PAYS that million dollars: The American government, or the families of those victims? We paid. He let them go. Who is a million dollars poorer?

LIBERALS “PUSHING” THEIR OWN CANDIDATE ON US: They want to have an election with Obama (a “hard-left” SOCIALIST) candidate on one side and a RINO Republican who doesn’t want to “rock the boat” (Romney) on the other, so we will have to again “grit our teeth” if we vote for the Republican, as we did in 2008. There will be only a difference in DEGREE between them, which Obama can win, with ALL his “negatives.”

ADMISSION OF FAILURE: Extending unemployment benefits is an admission of failure on Obama’s part, and he has done it twice. He’s talking about doing it AGAIN. This is NOT a “solution” to the unemployment problem, it is a BANDAID to delay the consequences.

LAW AGAINST “OFFENDING” PEOPLE: That’s what the liberals are trying to do today; make a law against saying or doing ANYTHING that “offends” somebody. And “who decides” what IS “offensive?” If such a law ever gets made, I will become an “instant criminal” because I “offend” liberals every day. That’s what they want. The ability to SILENCE such as me and Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc.

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