Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scamming the Public Again

Obama is talking as if the Republicans want to “raise taxes” in Christmas season when what they want to do is stop OTHER things that are in that bill he is pushing that HAPPENS to reduce the money taken from people’s paycheck, but does nothing to reduce the taxes they’re paying. In fact, it may make things worse when time comes to “pay up” on April 15th. Not only that, his extension of the payments to the unemployed is simply a BANDAID to temporarily reduce the effect of his UNEMPLOYMENT problem without doing ANYTHING to solve the problem. And it IS “his” unemployment problem. The time for it to be blamed on Bush is long past, if it ever was.

POLITICIANS INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE: They do it every day. Obama promises me he’ll give me $2,500 if I’ll commit to spend $50,000 to hire a new employee I don’t need. Hillary praises al-Jazeera as a “superior news agency” to what we have in this country. I’ll admit we don’t have much in the way of competent news reporting, but al-Jazeera? The “mouthpiece” of the Islamic terrorists? C’mawn! What kind of hash has she been smoking? There are numerous other instances I could cite, but I won’t.

A FAILURE IN INTELLIGENCE: “Ye shall be known by the company you keep.” That’s a well-known saying, and it’s true. Obama has surrounded himself with known socialists, communists, home-grown terrorists, corrupt politicians and the like. Yet Americans may be in danger of falling for his bullsh-t again. I sure hope not. I may not live to see the end of a second Obama administration, and I’d dearly hate to die with him still in office, still screwing up this country.

“CAN’T HIRE”: A Georgia company is putting signs on all its trucks saying “We won’t hire anybody until Obama is gone.” But a sign reflecting reality would say “We CAN’T hire anybody until Obama’s gone.” The truth is, Obama has done everything he can to INHIBIT hiring so as to destroy the American economy and blame it on the free market. Then he can work harder to instill SOCIALSM as the economic model in this country, which has been his aim, all along.

SUCKED NATO RIGHT IN: NATO should be more careful to whom they listen. Looks like the terrorists “sucked them right in” and caused them to kill a bunch of Afghan soldiers instead of the terrorists they thought they were killing. That sounds like a failure of intelligence to me, not purposeful targeting by NATO. What better way to reduce the effectiveness of NATO than to con them into killing the wrong people?

ATF: WE WON’T PUNISH WHISTLEBLOWERS: But they did. Everybody who complained about the guns being sold to the Mexican drug cartels has suffered from “punitive action” while the men who were “in charge” during “Fast & Furious” have been kept in place or promoted. They claim they weren’t “promoted,” but were simply transferred. Not so. Each of them who were transferred got a pay raise and/or a better job with the “transfer” while the “whistleblowers” were “transferred” to the equivalent of Siberian posts and their pay lowered.

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