Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Old Swindle

Threatening to cut the most visible and important things (like defense AND Medicare) while ignoring such things as “studying the sex lives of Tse Tse flies. This gets the populace “up in arms” so the government can make changes it couldn’t make before.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” That’s what one Democrat bumper sticker says. My question is this: “Enough of WHAT? Enough massive unprincipled spending, tighter regulations? And movement toward socialism?”

OBAMA SAYS HE HAS CREATED 250,000 JOBS: What planet is HE living on? There has not BEEN 250,000 new jobs, ANYWHERE except possibly in the government. How does this jerk get away with his lies?

“SHUT ‘EM DOWN!” Freedom works went to Washington to present their suggestions for TEN TRILLION DOLLARS in feasible cuts and Washington “shut them down” with a thin excuse that this meeting “was a hearing,” which private organizations are not allowed to hold. But is was NOT a “hearing.” It was only CALLED such by Senator Schumer (who has called many other meetings which WERE held “hearings without shutting them down) and other lawmakers for the purpose of shutting it down. The people have been muzzled again.

“THERE’S NOTHING WE CAN DO”: He has a right to express himself. Now Larry King (not THE Larry King), a confused 17-year-old who came to school wearing dresses and propositioned boys has been shot to death. School “authorities” would expel a five-year-old child for kissing a girl, but “they can’t do anything about a child expressing his sexuality.” What’s the difference? The five-year-old is not a gay “expressing” sexuality that agrees with their agenda.

GOING CRAZY ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Sexual harassment has become common everywhere. Mostly because it is so easy for the “victim to DEFINE what CONSTITUTES sexual harassment and the accusation is now commonly used any time somebody wants to make trouble for someone else. It’s a SUBJECTIVE law, DEFINED by the enforcer and the “victim.” Soon nobody will even BELIEVE someone who has been REALLY sexually abused because it has been used too much; like the boy “crying wolf.”

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