Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Liberal Bigoted Lie

The absolute proof that shows the bigoted lie liberals are pushing when they accuse the “Tea Parties” of being racist is Herman Cain winning the Florida Straw Poll. No longer can the Obama forces say the “Tea Parties” are racist (but that won’t stop them from lying). The Tea Parties now have their own black candidate and without a word about voting for him BECAUSE he’s black.

NO AWARDS FOR CONSERVATIVES: Justin Timberlake is being “honored” for his “environmental efforts.” Conservatives don’t get such awards because we don’t care about such things as “awards.” We just “do our thing” and if we get an award for it (we usually don’t), okay. Most “awards” are given out by liberal organizations for liberal reasons, such as AlGore’s “global warming” (now called “climate change” to confuse us) swindle, from which he has made $MILLIONS; maybe even $BILLIONS.

TAXING THE RICH: That’s the most idiotic plan going, but I expect stupid plans from liberals. It’s common for them to wish to eliminate and harass those whose work and ideas are ESSENTIAL to our nation’s continuation as the richest nation in the world; the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. So much so they come here illegally because we make it so hard to do so legally. Taking money away from the very people who create ALL the jobs. Their policies are ALL idiotic because their ideology is that of a FOOL.

REGULATING SHOWER NOZZLES: Only liberals would do such a stupid thing. Supposedly to “conserve water,” which is NOT in short supply. You cannot destroy water. You can only cause it to evaporate, only to reappear somewhere else. This is the kind of stupid thing liberals do, and will lead to more water being used in longer showers or people being dirtier than before.

THOUSANDS OF SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILES MISSING: I’d be surprised if this globe survives another 100 years because we are so dilatory in keeping control of our weapons. One day we will lose any number of nuclear weapons to the Islamic terrorists and they will set them off to kill as many “non-believers” in and out of Islam as they can. What will happen is they kill the entire population of the world, including themselves. Good riddance to them, but not to us.

EVERYBODY KNOWS MORE ABOUT CAPITALISM: Harvey Golub, former CEO of AMEX, says, “My grandson knows more about capitalism than Obama.” Hell, EVERYBODY knows more about capitalism than Obama! We properly call it “the free market,” not that derisive term, “capitalism.” It’s common for liberals and other socialists to be ignorant of what the free market IS. That’s why they hate it.

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