Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Streeters IGNORANT

The people involved in “Occupy Wall Street are ignorant. They have no idea what they want. When you ask them, all they can do is quote the “bumper sticker” comments the left spouts all the time. If you ask them to go into detail, they can’t. Most of them haven’t been on this earth as a sentient being long enough to know anything. They need to shut up and go find out what’s what before they open their mouths. They need to change the name of their organization (yes, it's an "organization") to "The Free ride Coalition." Because that's what they're after.

GOOD AND FOOLED: I ran into a man yesterday who says he READ Obama’s health care swindle bill and thinks it’s a great thing. He says he has cancer and owes $50,000 for the treatment he has received, and can’t get any more. I doubt that. I certainly can’t afford a quadruple bypass and I got one in 2005. I still owe for it because I don’t have that kind of money lying about. I suspect all he has to do is go somewhere else and he’d get a better answer. Refusing life-saving treatment is against the law in this country. All they can do is bother you a lot to collect the money for a while until they give up, as some are doing to me.

GREEN JOBS COST TOO MUCH: Obama touts “green jobs” like those of the failed Solyndra plant as a “big success.” But the reality is, most of the programs he touts provide new jobs, all right, but at the cost of about $600,000.00 (or more) per job. And that’s IN ADDITION to the salaries paid to those holding those jobs.

SELF ESTEEM UP, PERFORMANCE DOWN: That’s what a recent study discovered, and they were surprised. I wonder why. Could it be the liberals’ effort to “raise self esteem” by keeping their shortcomings from teens? Self esteem is their opinion of their talents and abilities, based on LACK of information. Self IMAGE is their opinion of their talents and abilities based on TRUTH about them. They have set out on a course to HIDE their shortcomings from teens so as not to REDUCE their self esteem. It doesn’t work. The “chickens are now coming home to roost.”

MAJORITY IN CONGRESS SUPPORT ISRAEL: Did you know that 87 out of 100 senators (almost 90%) wrote a letter to Obama CITING that support? This letter was also signed by 307 members of the House! Can Obama ignore that? No, but he did. Did you see ANYTHING about this in the liberal media? I thought not.

BOXER IS AN IDIOT: Barbara Boxer thinks the way to create jobs is to raise taxes and grow government. But then, we all know Boxer is an idiot, and BEING an idiot is an advantage in the Democrat Party. How else would we get people like Obama, Barney, and HIS ilk (I don’t mean gay, I mean stupid), and Bill Clinton, otherwise known as “zipper down!”?

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