Saturday, November 12, 2011

Call Him On It!

I'm getting sick and tired of Obama calling his latest “tax and spend program” a “jobs bill” while NOBODY “calls him” on it. This is the reason why he gets away with such blatant lies while the press “laps it up” like a thirsty dog does in his water bowl.

“FRANKLY, I ENJOYED IT”: Gloria Allred (that ubiquitous “attorney” who always appears when Democrats want to hurt Republicans has “surfaced” with yet another put-up job “accusation.” This time with specifics. All of which are her unsupported word of an action FOURTEEN YEARS AGO. Allred described her experience of being “felt up” by a TSA Agent at the airport: “He touched places nobody but me has touched in years/ Frankly, I enjoyed it.”

SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS SUBJECTIVE: By its very nature sexual harassment is very personal. Usually there are no witnesses and no objective proof of anything (except in the Gennifer Flowers case where Bill Clinton actually HURT her in the process of raping her). So they are the easiest way to discredit an innocent candidate without having to come up with any actual PROOF of anything untoward. Then there was the "blue dress."

DEMS IN SENATE BLOCKING JOBS BILLS: The Republicans, with the help of many Democrats, have passed no less that 20 bills out of the House that would help the jobs picture. Harry Reid and other Democrats in the Senate, where Democrats still hold a slim majority, have BLOCKED all action on these bills. Meanwhile, Obama daily blames the Republicans for blocking legislation to help the jobs picture, which they have NO POWER to do. If you don’t believe it, Google it.

IRAN SETTING ITSELF UP: Looks like they want to be the next target in the war against Islamic terrorism. They support Islamic terrorism in many countries, they give “aid and comfort” to Islamic terrorists; they make no secret of the fat they want to “push Israel into the sea.” Now they’re making big noises about being “on the brink” of having a nuclear weapon and have even tested a ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel. Do they really think efforts won’t be made to put a stop to them? How stupid ARE they? Some liberals say Iran is our next target and they’re right; but for all the wrong reasons.

WITH THE REST OF THE GARBAGE: The aircraft carrier Carl Vincent was the ship used to carry the body purporting to be bin Laden to the point where it was “dumped with the rest of the garbage.” I still maintain bin Laden was ”made into a crispy critter” long ago when Bush bombed one of his caves with him in it. Terrorists have been trying hard to convince us he was still alive ever since.

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