Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Obama Says No Islamic Terrorism

Really? Why then, did he send out his troops to kill bin Laden? (If he did) Personally, I think the whole thing was a charade to get him some “street cred.” I have always thought bin Laden has been dead for years, since Bush’s troops bombed one of his caves with him in it. But now, after one of the biggest “dog and pony shows” I’ve seen, Obama now has the country convinced HE “got rid of Osama.” Now “conventional wisdom” will always have Obama as Osama’s killer. But there’s no “war against Islamic terrorists,” is there?

“WEINERGATE?” Does New York Rep. Anthony Weiner have an “oversized weiner?” and did he post a picture of a bulging pair of jockey shorts on Twitter? I predict that’s not what the liberal media will say, since he is a DEMOCRAT. Not so with a Republican who (supposedly) sent a picture of his naked UPPER body to a woman. The media had a “field day” with that one, as they always do with Republicans they think are “caught out.” Notice they go out of their way to note it was a story broken by a “conservative web site.” Weiner claims his Twitter account was hacked. Maybe so, maybe not. He says he can't say the pic is not of him. Yeah.

NOBODY KNEW CASTRO WAS A COMMUNIST: Until it was too late. He came to power and quietly began taking things over. People who objected were vilified and laughed at, called all kinds of names. Now Obama has come to power in the United States. He has quietly begun taking things over. People who object are vilified and laughed at, called all kinds of names. If somebody had told me he would take over GM and other industries, I’d have said they lied (You can do a lot with enough money). He has done many other things I wouldn’t have believed. He is making this country into “Soviet America.” Laugh at me if you like, but it is happening. We need to WAKE UP and see what he is doing to us, before our very eyes.

WHY NOBODY’S HIRING: Obama has made it impossible to hire ANYBODY because the businessman doesn’t have any idea how much it’s going to cost him/her in ADDITION to what he/she’s paying the employee. And Obama’s people profess to be unaware of the reasons for the continued high unemployment figures. I believe them. I don’t think they have ANY idea of the effect of their insidious laws and “regulations” have on commerce.

MAKE IT UP AS THEY GO ALONG: This country used to be run by LAWS. Laws that had to be passed by the Congress after due deliberation (yeah). Now it is run by nameless, faceless bureaucrats who don’t have to suffer the indignity of begging for their jobs every few years. They aren’t subject to control by the American people, only by the politicians that appointed them and handed them a set of regulations to enforce. When they asked how they would do that, they were told, “make it up as you go along.” This is how America is being run today, whoever is in the White House.

WEINER CAN’T SAY THE PICTURE ISN’T HIM: That’s what he says now, among many other things. He says he didn’t POST it, but doesn’t disclaim ownership of the huge equipment depicted in the photo. Yeah, riiiggggght! He’d like people to THINK he has equipment that big! I think whoever posted it stole it from a porn film.

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