Saturday, June 18, 2011

Questioned for Her Short Dress

A pretty female visitor to NYC was stopped and questioned by the cops because she was riding her bike wearing a dress shorter than those cops approved of. But was it illegal? No. But I think they just wanted to be able to talk to her up close and personal. They used to have “the dress police” in New York, where men went around with rulers and measured the length of the dress above the knee. We don’t know if they got a look up the dress as they measured.

PREEMPTIVE STRIKES: All the vitriolic attacks on Sarah Palin are “preemptive strikes” against a candidate they know full well can, and WILL “mop up the floor with them.” They’re trying to discredit her before the election.

PAYING ATTENTION TO WEINER: We’ve been paying so much attention to Anthony’s Weiner that we haven’t time to pay attention to important things like the post office being closed down in Canada or the country going broke with the help of Obama and his thugs.

CIA INFORMERS ARRESTED IN PAKISTAN: Boy, these are really criminals! They owned the house CIA used to keep track of bin Laden, took down the license numbers of visitors to his compound, and did other things that led to his death. What Pakistan is mad about it that we didn’t tell them we were going to go after him so they could not warn him and help him get away.

SEX SLAVES: Top Muslim Imam says the way to solve the problem of men having illegal sex with Muslim women (usually resulting in THEIR deaths and the “hand-slapping” of the men) is to “go to war” and take females prisoner, making them sex slaves. This is the kind of people they are.

WRANGLING OVER MUSLIMS IN GOVERNMENT: McCain, Gingrich, and Romney struggle with the answer about Muslims in government. I would not “wrangle” over that question, as I wouldn’t have over a similar question about allowing Nazis to participate in our government during the runup to WWII and during the war. I would not have them.

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