Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Limousine Liberals?"

One thing I remember about Jimmy Carter is that he started out well, getting rid of most of the limousines in the federal government’s fleet, and going to simple, non-loaded Chevys (OR fords, I don’t know). But Obama has gone the opposite direction, increasing the government’s fleet of limousines by 73% in just his first two years in office. At this rate, the number of limousines used by those in Washington will be 150% or what it was when he took office. Boy! He really loves to spend other people’s money “under the radar.”

GETTING RID OF THOMAS: The left is trying to get rid of Supreme Court Justice Thomas because his wife has health problems. They CLAIM he can’t judge “health issues” properly because of that. What about Elena Kagan, who actually ARGUED health issues before the Supreme Court before she was appointed to the court. They think blacks should be able to hold high office in government, unless that particular black is NOT a liberal. Typical liberal.

THAT’S WHAT OBAMA’S TRYING TO DO: “You can’t wave a magic wand and get employers to hire workers.” It doesn’t work. Obama promises two or three thousand dollars to business who hire new people, not even knowing that hiring a single employee will COST them a lot more than that. This just illustrates his complete IGNORANCE of finance and business. And he’s trying to be the one RUNNING it.

N. KOREA THE “HAPPIEST PLACE”: This has been declared, by (wait for it) NORTH KOREA! And you know we can believe anything “Dear Leader” says. If you live in North Korea and don’t believe him, he’ll have you killed at worst, and imprisoned at best. Probably killed; if he just imprisons you, he’ll have to feed, clothe, and give you a roof over your head and you won't be happy. Cheaper and less trouble to just kill you and dump you in a ditch so you’ll not be unhappy there.

HAS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY KILLED FILM BUSINESS? I thought that was a "given." But people are now asking that question, and lamenting the fact that it’s happening. If film companies have smart people working for them, they got into the digital camera business early on, and will continue in business without a quiver. If not, they’ll go out of business, as the buggy whip factories did when the auto came along. Progress is great, isn't it?

MEDIA CRITICIZES SARAH FOR EATING PIZZA WITH FORK: Is there any other specious criticism they can aim at Sarah? Where is it written that you MUST eat pizza with your fingers? “The Donald” doesn’t pick it up and eat it, either, but he is coming in for a lot less criticism than is Sarah. As usual, Sarah can’t win for losing, and she is reveling in it. She “ditched the media” on her tour recently, and they’re livid.

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