Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dubious President

“Last time around, American voters threw caution to the winds and elected as president a man with a dubious past, dubious friends and dubious qualifications to lead, whose sole attraction was his ability to make pleasing but empty promises on a teleprompter. Look at where that's gotten us.” (Russ Vaughn/American thinker) And he continues to regale us every day with his dubious promises while doing so many stupid things as president that even his friends are beginning to desert him.

JOBLESS NUMBERS REVISED UP: There was actually NO improvement in the jobless numbers last week, and they had to “revise them upward” later. But Obama got a week’s worth of good press out of those phony numbers. Do you think the liberal press will make a “big thing” out of the numbers being “revised upward?” I tell people things and they say “I never saw that in the news,” as if that made what I told them untrue. Actually, that makes my point.

LINE BY LINE: Obama said while running for the job, “When I’m president I’ll go line by line over the budget to make sure we’re not spending money unwisely.” Then he went out and spent more money [unwisely -RT] than ALL previous presidents put together.” How can you depend on a man who would lie so easily not to lie to you? Maybe there’s a good thing about that. You can figure out the truth by taking what he says as just the opposite of the truth. That, you could depend on.

PALIN A “WEAK CANDIDATE?” I don’t think so, especially with liberals all over saying she is. That tells me she frightens the hell out of them. They know she can “mop the floor” with Obama and they want to stop that if they can. If they changed their minds and supported her, as they did with Mitch Daniels (R-IN), I might have to look at her a little more closely. But the mere fact that they oppose her so strongly tells me I want her (to run for president). For the first time in my life, I WANT to hear what a politician says.

“WHO WOULD DO THAT?” Many people who saw a sign saying “Death to America!” asked, “Who would hold up such a sign?” I put that down to those same people having never seen a real news show. Anybody who has seen a Fox News show knows that’s a common sign to see in any demonstration held by Muslim extremists. (With apologies to Mallard Fillmore)

HAS KHADDAFFI HAS “LOST HIS LEGITIMACY?: I think he never had any. He has always been a thug who took over running a country, just as our CHICAGO thug (Obama) did. The only difference is that he did it with violence and Obama did it with trickery and the con art.

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