Thursday, June 30, 2011

"No Sacred Cows"

Obama says to the Republicans that there can be “no sacred cows” (such as NO new taxes during a recession) in the discussions on the raising of the debt ceiling while he maintains HIS “sacred cow” that ANY discussions MUST include raising taxes during a recession. Obviously Obama is oblivious to the FACT that raising taxes is NOT the way to create new wealth in the community, OTHER than in the federal government. He talks of raising the cost of flying in private jets (playing the “class warfare” card, again), completely ignoring how many MIDDLE CLASS people depend upon the salaries they make to keep those jets flying who are going to lose their jobs, just as people in the yacht industry did under similar circumstances. It’s obvious he has no idea of what he’s doing, or is PURPOSELY trying to make things worse. I believe the latter.

TOO MANY JUNK FOOD COMMERCIALS: Some people want the government (who else?) to "do something" about it. They want to ban junk food commercials from the time kids are watching television. What makes them think the government really has such a power is beyond me. But they will probably succeed because the government is filled with power-seeking fools.

GOLF OUT! Obama has (at this writing) played 60 rounds of golf since being elected. Bush played 24 times during the entire eight years of his presidency. We need to do a survey and find out who played the most golf while the country waited on him to be a president. Whenever the going gets tough, Obama goes golfing.

JUST A FEW YEARS: It took Obama and his crowd less than four years to impose “big government” on us. Obama’s health care swindle, government takeovers of many businesses, nearly doubling our national debt, leaving America on the brink of bankruptcy; only the federal government doesn’t have to declare bankruptcy like us human beings. All it has to do is print more and more “Monopoly money” to use in paying its bills, or just borrow money from China, giving them a big hook to use in controlling us. They couldn’t beat us militarily, but they will economically if our own home-grown liberals allow it, and they appear to be doing so. Soon people will stop accepting our IOUs and then what will we do?

39% THINK WE’RE IN PERMANENT DECLINE: That’s the result of a survey taken just recently; this after just little more than two years of Obama running things. He keeps trying to convince us “it’s all Bush’s fault,” even though the economy didn’t “go south” until the inevitable results of the DEMOCRAT law (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) forcing lenders to loan money to people who could never pay it back began to show at the end of Bush’s extremely economically successful regime.

“CLEANING UP OTHER PEOPLE’S MESSES”: That’s one of the most often repeated sentences from Obama’s speeches, and it’s a LIE. He is now trying to clean up HIS OWN messes, made to convince us socialism is great and the “free market” doesn’t work, even though the “free market” is what has made this country more successful in about 300 years than countries that have been around for thousands of years. It has made America the “destination of choice” for people living in those thousand-year-old civilizations so they can have a better life.

TAX BREAK FOR CORPORATE JETS: Today (as this is written) he mentioned the “corporate tax break” six times in one news conference, not mentioning that ending them would save only $3 billion dollars over TEN years (How long would that much money run the federal government? Three days, maybe?) while crippling the corporate jet industry and causing loss of jobs for lots of people who keep them flying; then he flew off to Philly on his own corporate jet to raise money. While there, he will no doubt mention it again, with nobody in the liberal media remarking on the irony of a man who practically LIVES on Air Force One crapping on the “corporate jet” industry.

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