Sunday, June 26, 2011

Police State?

Are we now living in a “police state?” “When residents of the United States have serious reason to fear the door being busted down in the middle of the night by armed agents of the State despite having done nothing wrong, we live in a police state.” The most obvious creators of the police state are the members of the TSA (Tough Sh-t Agency) who routinely “feel you up” so you can be allowed on an airplane. Then there are the Swat Team entries for such small things as non-payment of student loans, or possession of a small amount of pot. Yes, we now live in a police state.

“PASS THE BILL TO FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT”: Does Peelosi think we’re STUPID? That’s what she told us before the Congress passed Obama’s health care swindle bill into law; a law that has already been judged unconstitutional on at least one issue. Now it is found that people making $64,000 a year can get on Medicaid! That’s something even THEY didn’t know was in the bill. How many other STUPID things are we going to discover is in the LAW as time goes on? Since when do we need to PASS a bill to learn what’s in it? Whoever believes that must themselves be stupid. And she IS.

CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE KIDS: AlGore wants the government to specify how many children people may have, and how much time may elapse before they have them. Sounds like communist China, doesn’t it? And all in support of his global warming SWINDLE. How STUPID does this man think we are? He’d better never try and stop me or a member of my family from having children. I’ll fix him so he CAN’T ever have any more children.

DISCREDITING HERSELF: Cynthia McKinney (ultra liberal former member of Congress and now presidential candidate of the “Green Party” because nobody else wanted her) has again discredited herself with a STUPID statement. She thinks Libya is a good place to live because they have free education there; as if that were the only thing important in life. She wouldn’t last a week there if she opened her mouth to disagree with the dictator, who KILLS people who do that.

ACCUSING US OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING: That’s what the Democrats do, constantly. Now they’re accusing us of purposely sabotaging the economy when it was THEIR passage of the law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it (The ”Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”) that did it. We know they do this, so now we can figure out what they are going to do (or are doing) by what they accuse us of doing. The same way we know who frightens them the most (like Sarah Palin) by who they slam the hardest.

CONSTITUTION LIMITS FED GOVERNMENT: Some people say the Constitution was NOT meant to “limit the federal government.” WRONG! That’s ALL it was designed to do, outside of creating the federal government itself. These ignorant people who pretend to be so smart irritate me no end. They make such foolish remarks as this and expect people with INTELLIGENCE to believe them. Or are they counting on those who don’t pay attention to politics to believe them?

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