Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Even Fox News has “bought” the fiction that Obama’s so-called “long form birth certificate,” recently released, was genuine, and so ended the controversy over his citizenship. It did not. It raised many more questions than it answered. If genuine, why did it use the name of the hospital as it is NOW rather than what it was when he was born? Why did it use the term, “African” to denote his father’s race, when that was not in use then? Why was the typing today’s computer typing, rather than the typewriter type in use then?

OBAMA APPOINTS A “SQUASHER”: Obama has appointed a new “czar” to search the Internet and “squash” anything said about him that THEY “consider” a lie or “misinformation.” I know them. They will “consider” many true statements to be wrong and will “squash” them, when they’re not. If they find something you’ve said they DEFINE as “untrue,” they will come down on you like a ton of bricks, threatening you with “investigations,” which will cost you a lot of money to hire lawyers, even if their position is proven in the end, to be untrue. They’ve got plenty of taxpayer money to spend doing it.

REAGAN AND THATCHER: That’s how Obama views him and the current British Prime Minister. I don’t know how the current British PM stacks up against Thatcher, but one thing I do know is, Obama is NO Reagan. Not in ANY way. Boy, what a monstrous ego this fool has!

CUTS FIRST! How many times have well-meaning Republicans been taken in by the Democrat (liberal) “promise” to make “cuts” later? Reagan fell for it and raised some taxes on the solemn promise of “cuts” to be named later. They never happened, and Democrats even today are citing the “fact” that even Reagan raised some taxes, as an excuse for their own tax increases. Bush the elder fell for it, causing him to be a “one-term president.” Remember his “read my lips” statement?” The one he made before raising taxes on the “promise” of cuts later (which somehow never appeared). I don’t know how many other presidents and politicians fell for that con, but I’m sure it is many. Don’t fall for it again. Make the spending cuts FIRST!

GM UPS VOLT PRODUCTION: Why? This incredibly expensive electric car that nobody (except Obama’s friends) wants sold about 300 a month. So they’re “upping production” by 50,000 a year. What are they going to do with 50,000 Volts nobody wants? Store them as government expense? The Volt is one of the best known government failures (that is, if you’re paying attention). Who would want a car that only goes about 40 miles before it has to sit still and suck up electricity (produced by coal) for eight hours, or have to use gasoline like any other car? Of course, when Obama bankrupts the coal industry, as he has promised to do, where will they get electricity?

HE DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM: Obama says the conservatives constantly say he is a socialist and that he is moving us toward socialism as fast as he can. He says he “doesn’t know where that comes from.” It comes from his statements and his ACTIONS, all of which ARE moving us closer to socialism. I love the way he tells people what we’re saying as if it were a lie, which is NOT, then laughs at it.

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