Sunday, June 12, 2011

GM Wants Higher Gas Prices

“Government Motors,” makers of Obama’s favorite car, the Volt, (of which he owns not a single one, nor ever will unless he buys it {with our money} for a “dog and pony show), wants the government to raise the tax on gasoline by at least a dollar a gallon so people will be FORCED to buy a Volt or something like it.

MAKE A DECISION: Democrats are going to have to make a decision: either dump Obama and salvage their own political careers (if that’s even possible at this point) or stick with him and “go down” with his ship. His IS a “sinking ship” and anybody with any intelligence at all knows that. They can either go down with him or get away from him.

LIBERALS ALWAYS WRONG: They’re always making predictions about what the future holds—and they’re always wrong. But even though they’re wrong, they always profit by it while decrying profit.

IRRESPONSIBLE OR NOT? Obama is either irresponsible and doesn’t realize the results of his policies, or he IS responsible and is purposely trying to run this economy into the ditch to move us ever closer to socialism--while blaming his problems on “the prior administration.”

OBAMA KEEPS A PROMISE: He has “promised” to bankrupt the coal industry. The recent actions of the EPA (which will cost the coal industry $180 BILLION dollars) are a “good start” toward that goal. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear, electric rates will go up from 11% to 23%, and guess who will get to pay for it. You! Yet another action to make things worse, all in the name of that phony “environmental crisis.”

CHANGE THE NAME: Whenever the public gets to know an organization too well, the liberals just change the name. They did it with ACORN, and they’re now doing it with the Muslim Brotherhood, so you won’t automatically recognize the organization and what it’s doing. Everybody thinks ACORN is out of business, but it’s not. It’s still in business, working hard at its nefarious purposes, under many new names. Soon the Muslim Brotherhood will be, too.

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