Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obama's Incompetence Displayed

Obama has spent $3 TRILLION dollars to “stimulate” the economy, with NO results. Unemployment remains at close to 10% and the recession continues unabated. Now they’re talking about yet another “stimulus package.” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We need to get rid of this INSANE president before he destroys us.

PAKISTAN NEEDS TO BE “DEALT WITH”: They’ve now arrested five people who were instrumental in the death of bin Laden . They’d better start realizing which side of their bread had the butter. Either they stand with us or they stand with the terrorists. This is a decision they have to make. Stand with us and benefit. Stand with the terrorists and suffer.

WHAT HAS HILLARY EVER DONE? What has she ever done to qualify her to be Secretary of State? All she’s even done is “attach herself” (like a leech) to a man she figured would be president one day and put up with his “skirt-chasing” ways for these many years so she could maybe take advantage of that to become president herself? All she ever did was be the wife of a “skirt-chasing” president and head up a FAILING effort to take over 1/7 of America’s economy.. Nothing else. The only reason she got it is to get her “out of the way” so Obama could “do his thing.”

FROM TIES TO TEA: Rush Limbaugh has gone from “ties to tea” in his efforts to make even more money. There’s nothing wrong with that, except he never said a word about what happened to his tie business. It just disappeared one day. I’d have been one of his customers if I actually WORE ties. If his tea was sold in stores, I’d have tried it. But I don’t buy things on the Internet (except for my inventory, and that only from dependable companies) I’m not saying his isn’t dependable, but I just don’t do it except in the case of the two companies I believe are honest and dependable. I'll wait until it does come out in stores.

WHY DON’T I BUY GOLD? Mostly because I don’t have a lot of money to protect from inflation. Except for what I get each month, I have none to lose to inflation and I can’t do anything about that. I can’t even buy one ounce of gold at today’s prices, even if it does double in price (and it will, because liberals will keep on printing Monopoly money). If I should win the lottery, I’d put it ALL in gold. REAL gold, not “gold stocks.” And I’d be very careful from whom I bought my cold.

UPGRADING ON YOUR NICKLE: Have you ever wondered how the government rapes you every day without you knowing about it? They do it every time they travel on “government business.” They “upgrade” to business class on your dime. Nobody knows about this for the most part, so they get away with it. And they don’t care that it costs you more money. You’re only the taxpayer, anyway.

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