Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Was Diffrent Under Bush

When the Democrat-created recession started under Bush they called it “stuck in a ditch.” Now we’re almost three years into Obama’s administration, it’s “a bump in the road.” This is how liberals deal with the same question: under a Republican, magnify it. Under a Democrat, play it down.

JUDGING HER ON HER E-MAILS: How stupid is that? Do they demand copies of e-mails from Obama? How about VP “BiteMe?” Or anybody else, for that matter? Only Sarah Palin. And all they can “pony up” from that is that she writes her e-mails at an “8th grade level.” And how do they back that up? They use the unsupported word of a liberal “handwriting expert” who was “disappointed” that she did so well, considering e-mails are not usually written with as much skill as are other things. I’ll appreciate what they do when they demand e-mails of every politician out there, including liberals.

WHY A LIBERAL RUNNING THE GOP DEBATES? I can’t understand why the Republicans even allowed it. Mr. King, from CNN is a well-known liberal. So what is to be gained by Republicans allowing him to run the debate and “shut them up” when they try and tell us something? Why didn’t they have Fox run it? Fox CAN’T be any more biased than CNN.

23% WAY TOO MUCH: I hear lots of people talking about a “flat tax” and even a federal SALES tax. But the percent of taxation they talk about is WAY too much, considering the fact that EVERYBODY will be paying it, not just those who cannot get an exemption?

BIG WHOPPER LIBERAL LIE: They say “99% of climate scientists agree about global warming.” Not true. BIG lie. There was a survey done that they don’t want you to know about where 100,000 scientists were queried and almost ALL of them DISagreed with global warming. In any case, science is NOT “consensus. It is, or ISN’T, no matter how many scientists agree or disagree.

LIMBAUGH “CAMPAIGNED AGAINST McCAIN? Another liberal LIE. Limbaugh did not support or “campaign against” ANYBODY. Really, I wish liberals would tell the truth once in a while.

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