Thursday, June 23, 2011

"America In Mourning"

"AMERICA IN MOURNING": The liberal press says this, but the only people "in mourning" over the “loss” of exhibitionist Anthony Weiner, who sent a picture of his “weenie” to several people, possibly including a 17-year-old girl are those liberals who depend upon such people to advance their massive theft programs. I understand Weiner almost single-handedly WROTE Obama’s health care swindle law. Losing such a man is something we really ought to celebrate, not mourn.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BLAME: That’s what Democrats and other liberals always say when THEY get caught “with their pants down.” They want everybody to just shut up. Such things are a "revenue enhancement" to a liberal. But when it’s a Republican, they constantly talk about “morals” and “judgment,” and can’t shut up about it.

OBAMA’S BUSINESS CONFERENCE: He recently met with top officials from top corporations trying to figure out how to “get the economy going.” What a “dog and pony show!” The people he SHOULD be talking to are SMALL businesspeople who KNOW how to make the economy better. If these people knew how, they’d have told him a long time ago without needing a widely-publicized meeting.

BRING ‘EM ALL HOME: The “big whiz” in Washington today is Obama’s plan to bring home 30,000 troops. As usual, politicians are going to make it impossible to win anything, then claim we should “get out” of Afghanistan because we can’t win. As at the Alamo years ago, politicians are condemning many of our troops to death by taking away their help, then claiming they should bring ALL the troops home. If they’re going to bring home ANY, they SHOULD bring home all of them so they can stay alive.

WHO THE HELL CARES? Word is that a majority of Pakistanis “disapprove” of the American raid that killed bin Laden. Who cares? They’ll be lucky to avoid our wrath at their actions to PROTECT this wanton murderer. Where the hell do THEY get off “disapproving” of our action to get rid of a killer of innocents in the name of spreading a silly religion? There will probably be more such "invasions" as terrorists use Pakistan as a "safe harbor."

LIBERALS “DICTATING” REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: They always try it, and sometimes they succeed in conning Republicans into selecting a candidate they KNOW they can beat. They were successful in 2008, conning us into nominating left-leaning John McCain, who predictably lost. That’s also how we got Jimmy Carter who, up to now was the worst president in my memory. That’s also how we got Clinton, the second worst.

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