Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soros "Declares War" on Glenn Beck and Fox

He has given National Public Radio more than a million dollars to use in “digging up” bad things he can use to discredit Glenn. That was some time ago, and they haven’t “dug anything up” yet. Does that say anything?

TRYING TO DISCREDIT SARAH: They long ago “declared war” on Sarah Palin because they knew she will “mop the floor” with them. Republicans, too. And for the same reason. She doesn’t “knuckle under” to the Republican leadership so they want to be rid of her.

OKAY TO KILL BABIES: Actor Russell Crowe says it’s okay to kill unborn babies before they even have a chance at life. But he gets very exercised when they want to cut off their foreskins. Same lack of sense is displayed by pro-abortionists who say it’s okay to make prostitution illegal when BOTH involve a “woman’s right to choose” what is done with her body.

OBAMA BLAMES PROGRESS FOR RECESSION: He specifically mentioned ATM machines and “kiosks” at the airport for job losses HE has created with his policies. Did the president at the time blame the auto for the loss of jobs in the buggy whip industry?

INCOMPETENCE: It is the INCOMPETENCE of the people we have elected to office or have been APPOINTED that is responsible for the problems we face today. Look back in history and see how many things that have gone wrong because of the incompetence of our “leaders.”

JANET INCOMPETANO: She thinks it’s “absurd” to pay “special attention” to young Muslim males at airports and elsewhere. What kind of IMBECILES is Obama appointing, anyway? For that matter, what kind of an IMBECILE did we (not me) elect president?

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